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Created by Rinichan (aka Rini)
Table of Contents----i. == Introduction ii. Starting Out iii. Becoming a Mage iv. Skill Build v. Training vi. Contacting vii. ETC viii. Credits==
i. Introduction
"Studying ancient studies is their virtue, so high intelligence is a top priority. Since they spend all their time researching, they may not have much of strength or stamina, and they use staffs and wands as their main weapons. For armor, they prefer light ones like robes with minimal defense. They can't put on heavy armor."
ii. == Starting Out----==
When you first log in and create your character, make sure you have these stats.
iii. == Becoming a Mage==----
So now you should be either level 7 or 8 and on Victoria Island. If you're level 7, I suggest you go to Thicket Around the Beach III (I think that's the one with green snails all over the bottom) and train to level 8. Then go to Ellinia. (If you have a lot of meso and time plus want scrolls to all the towns, then make a "road trip" and go get the scrolls now. After your job advancement, taxi/boat dude will cost a lot more.) When you get to Ellinia, go all the way up into the Magic Library and talk to Grendel the Really Old, the floating old mage who will ask if you want to become a magician. SAY YES!
iv. == Skill Build==----
Oh yay! I love skill building!!! Why? Because you get stronger and better attack with basically each SP. (Hehe)
v. == Training==----
So this is what the hard part is! TRAINING!! (Also the most fustrating and annoying part, at times) I've made this nice list to show what a good place to hunt at what level is. How nice, huh? You can thank me later. ;]
vi. == Contacting==----
Sorry that's all I could get done. I don't really know what else you would like. So I'll try to do more some other time, okay? Meanwhile, if you would like to see something added or you want to let me know of something wrong with this guide, please just PM me on the forum (my login there is also rinichan). but just in case, here's some contacting info (if you really really need to).
vii. == ETC==----
Here's what I WANT to get done later.
-----------viii. == Credits----------------------------------------------==
Wizit - For making the game

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