Some pointers on Netiquete and playing behaviors

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Some things to note:

  • Join a Guild: Interacting with people while playing is one of the more exciting aspects of this game. Also some guilds offer cheaper prices to their members than normal, even loaning you gear for as long as you need it.
  • DON'T BEG: If you find that acquiring some items is beyond your skills, don't ask to get them for free. Better ask for help at your guild. What's impossible for an individual becomes as easy as cake for a team. Mesos are the other big problem, but again, you could ask a loan, or follow other guides on efficient meso gathering. Just saying 'Meso plz' is just lame, and your guild may kick you out for that. Begging for fame may even get you defamed.
  • Don't try to scam. It's just wrong.
  • Don't hack. More sooner than later you will get caught, and all that time hacking will be wasted.
  • Don't spam (repeatedly type the same thing). It's annoying, can get you defamed, and makes people less likely to buy or sell you something.
  • Don't randomly trade or party invite. It's just annoying, and makes other players less likely to accept.
  • Don't repeatedly trade or party request. It's just annoying, and makes other players less likely to accept. In extreme cases, you may even be defamed.
  • Don't KS (kill stealing). It just annoys people, and they may even defame you.
  • Don't mass defame. It makes the other person very sad, and if you defame the person a lot (like -50 fame), they may not ever get back to normal fame.


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