Shumi's Lost Coin

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  • Level 20 and above


  1. Talk to Shumi of Kerning City who is located just outside the Subway Station to NLC.
  2. Enter the Subway and talk to the Subway Worker. He will sell you Ticket to Construction Site B1 for 500 mesos.
  3. Complete the jump quest
  4. Once completed, you will find yourself in a room with a subway car full of Bubblings. There is a ledge at the top with a treasure chest.
  5. Double-click on the chest to get the Lost Coin. This will automatically take you back to the subway entrance.
  6. Return to Shumi with the coin.


Description of Jump Quest

  • You start in Line 3 Construction Site B1 Area 1
  • When you enter you get to either take the top route (shown in red arrow above, not fully shown though) or the bottom route (in green arrows). Generally I find the bottom route easier. You will need to make through the electric bars and the "flying electricity". If you take the top route, be careful of the Jr. Neckies that knock you off those platforms. This is not as difficult as other jump quests because this part is divided into chambers, so falling off will not mean a big loss. For experienced players you can use the knockbacks to your advantage. If you stand stationary a laser beam will knock you exactly one platform to the left.
  • The two routes come together at the chamber that is to the right of the chamber you start in. After completing that, you get to go to Line 3 Construction Site B1 Area 2.
  • In this area you have to jump up many platforms that make up an "S" shape, then climb up a ladder. All the while fake Stirges will cause you to fall. One should get used to the knockbacks. When you get hit, you gain immunity for a few seconds. One should time it such that he jumps right when your immunity expires.
  • When you complete that stage you get to the Subway Depot. You can get out of there via double-clicking on the Treasure Chest, or you can train on the bubblings in the train.

Remember: Jump Quests cannot be completed without patience. Patience is more important than nimble fingers.


  • The Stirges and Jr. Neckis inside are invincible. When hit, the result is always a "miss" and they deal 1 damage to you each time you bump into them, often knocking you backwards.
  • In each chamber there is an Exit sign NPC. Double-clicking on it will get you out, but that will effectively make you lose the 500 mesos you paid for the ticket to get in.
  • In the subway depot you have 99 minutes to train on the Bubblings. Once your time is up, you will be automatically ejected, back to the subway entrance. Changing channels will also get you booted from the area.
  • This quest can be repeated. Doing so will give you two random unrefined mineral ores of the same type, with the exception of Gold Ore which is never given.