Shanghai Wai-Tan

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Shanghai Wai-Tan town is a town similar to Shanghai (located in China) like Zipangu is to Japan.

Currently it has been released in MapleSEA (Patch 0.37), but not in MapleGlobal.

Shanghai Wai-Tan town includes a potion shop, and a weaponary and armory. Unlike most weapon, armor or potion shops in Victoria Island (or Ossyria, for that matter), you do not need to enter portals to visit the NPC shops.

This being Chinese-themed, much of the background and scenery have chinese wordings. The setting is that of the sea (somewhat like Lith Harbor).

The portal on the right leads to an airport, with an NPC(pilot) which is suppose to fly you to another part of china. But its not yet out on mapelsea nor global. To the left of Shanghai Wai-Tan Town are training grounds.