Seal (Status Condition)

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Seal is a status condition that blocks you from using any of your skills. This is especially dangerous for Magicians, because they do not have any other attacks.

How you can get Sealed

  • The following monsters can Seal you: (uncompleted list)
  • Other ways:
    • Inside the Monster Carnival:
      • The other team can Seal one person on your team using CP
      • The other team can pick up a Mini Cube of Darkness (Seals one person)
      • The other team can pick up a Cube of Darkness (Seals whole party)

How To Escape From Seal

  • Buy Holy Water, which cures you from seal and curse.
  • Or, you could use the more expensive All Cure Potion, but is generally recommended with two or more conditions active at the same time.
  • Of course, waiting it out is still an option, though a Magician may find it troublesome, especially if there is no way out of the map where the monster resides.
  • Priests and bishops are able to dispel even when sealed.