Sea's Dexless Guide.

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Welcome to the Assassin, one of the most popular, controversial, and sought-after classes in MapleStory. You've entered the realm of "Aw, I don't think I can fund this..." Yeah. If you weren't ready for some intense funding - and I'm not kidding when I say INTENSE - necessaries for this class are 7 million on up. But if you are prepared, then we're ready to go!

Just to give you a taste, the Dexless Assassin is one of the greater damage dealers, outputting huge numbers before Lowdex and regular assassin counterparts. You can curbstomp anything that you can hit (Hitting it is the hump we have to get over, however). You'll grind fast, and will often be asked to "CC plz" (Change channel if you didn't know) because you may steal kills without meaning to or really noticing. So, assassins-to-be, grab your Basil account, your friends' and your own funds, nimble fingers, and get ready to control one of the most powerful classes in the game!

To be continued~