Scrolling an Attack Work Glove

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This is a guide for noobs who need a Work Glove or are poor so they need to sell a work glove.

First you will need a clean work glove which can be made by JM from the Streetz in Kerning City for 15 Leathers and 1,000 mesos. You will also need to get some scrolls for gloves for ATT. You can get these easily from the following quests:

Based on my experience you will usually get 2 10% scrolls, 2 60% scrolls and 1 70% scroll. When you scroll you will need to know the basics about dragging and dropping and what risks come with scrolling. I have scrolled an 11 attack wg (workglove) before and that was without Sakura And The Seal quest (I bought an extra 60% scroll) on a lv 50 unfunded dexless sin. In my opinion I will usually scroll the wg with a 10% first, if it fails throw the wg away, if it works I will celebrate and kiss my cat. If it failed get a new CLEAN wg and scroll another 10% glove att if you have one. Scroll the clean wg with the 70% scroll if you didn't have a 2nd 10%, if it fails again,YOU ARE VERY UNLUCKY, get another clean wg and repeat this method with your 60% scrolls.

If your first 10% scroll worked scroll it with a 70% scroll, if it failed and got destroy, UNLUCKY, if it failed, BOO, if it worked YAY. If it failed and got destroyed get another clean wg and scroll again using your 10% scroll and repeat the other method, if it just failed, scroll it with the 60%, if it worked scroll it with your 60% scolls.

If you got 2 or 3 10% attack gloves scrolls, scroll 3 clean wgs seperately, one scroll on each clean wg. To scroll all the slots on your wg you will probably need to make another character and complete the listed quests.

This method will usually get you a 6-8 attack wg. If you are REALLY unlucky you will probably get a 2-5 attack wg. You are EXTREMELY lucky if you can get a 9-11. This is not guaranteed but is merely a guide for those unsure if they should buy Scrolls for ATT Gloves or ATT Work Gloves