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Note: Korean MapleStory also has a world named Scania. This article is for the MapleGlobal Scania, and should not be confused with the Korean world.

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Scania was the first non-beta world made available in the MapleGlobal version of MapleStory. As a result, it has a thriving economy and a very large population. This high population, however, sometimes makes Scania difficult or even impossible to access during peak times, such as after school hours and during the weekends. Even during off peak hours, Scania has many users online, most of which like to hang out on channels 1 and 2. It is advised to those with slow internet connections or low RAM to avoid those channels.

Economy: Scania has a very well established economy, as it is the oldest server on MapleGlobal, and there is usually never a problem with getting something you want aside from the problems encountered from not being able to find the character you want to trade with and immense lag time due to the high population.

As Scania is considered to be home of the most experienced and seasoned Maple veterans, beginners are advised to start here. Be warned, however, that with such a large population of aged members comes a proportionally large community of scammers and hackers.

Notes / History

Channel 1 always has the heaviest population; it is mainly used to recruit members for Party Quests. Many do all their trading and chatting here as well.

Channel 8 is often the least populated.

The server is infamous for its history of being full during peaktimes. Throughout 2005 until 2007, it was never uncommon for the server to reach peak capacity, especially during the summer. However throughout 2007, the problems ceased, for a small amount of time. In 2008, the monstrous influx of activity has plagued the server continuously. Thus, it has had a number of rollbacks, caused by numerous glitches that seem to infest this particular server more than others. Since 2006 the server has also had a history of crashing, and going down for a random amount of hours. These problems have led to public outcry of Scanians seeking aide in the restoration of the server's original state as being a popular server, while still maintaining playability of fellow popular servers; Bera, Broa and Windia (to date, only Scania, Bera, and Broa have experienced server crashes due to max capacity).

The present state of Scania

More information on this can be found at Rollback.
Throughout 2010 many Scanian maplers have spread rumors and theories as to why Scania in particular is becoming ever more prone to rollbacks and glitches, than any other server. Some have speculated that it is due to the high population (most likely), but that Nexon is attempting to reduce the population, by wiping new maplers out of existence (seems unlikely.[1][2] Many maplers have grown angry with Scania's constant unexpected downtime ruining 2x EXP/Drop events.[3] And others have complained about excessive lag (particularly during 2x events, and the summer months) leading to inability to maple properly.[4] In the months of July and August 2010, the rollback/server crash activity on Scania reached its current peak, and has led to a general outcry from the community.

August Apocalypse

On August 12, 2010, Scania crashed numerous times, resulting in various rollbacks. [5] And later in the afternoon, it crashed for the final time, in what many believed to have been caused by maximum server capacity.[6] Nexon announced a then indefinite server check, that last approximately six hours.[7] Scania was removed from the server listings, which led to more widespread panic, rumors, etc. [8] Throughout this time, fear and panic spread like wildfire across the entire GMS community. Many feared server inundation upon other servers, in which Scanians fleeing from the server check, would lead to widespread server crashes. This however never happened, and the hype and fear ceased when Nexon resolved the problem. Nexon provided a two hour 2x EXP/drop compensation the following day.

Christmas Eve Eve Rollback

After the Legendary Hot Time event on Dec 23, 2011, People received AP and SP reset scrolls. Using these caused a huge rollback, infuriating the community.

Top 5 Players in Scania

Each world has a top five ranking. The top five players for Scania are:

Rank Name Class Level EXP
1 curryishott Magician 200 0
2 Novinha Warrior 200 0
3 kimcheengk86 Magician 200 0
4 xUAEx Warrior 200 0
5 x3pixie Magician 200 0

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