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A monster made of sand with a tree growing out of its head. Another easy prey for Ice Mages. Found in Ariant, it's the strongest monster there. It's weaker than it looks, like many of the Ariant monsters. Don't be fooled by the spawn in the last map of before Magatia, there is a hidden street with fairly good terrain where there is nothing but Desert giants.


Level: 40
HP: 1800
MP: 100
Exp: 95
Speed: -50
Knock-back: 100


Weapon Attack: 120
Magic Attack: 0
Accruacy: 150

Elemental Weakness

  • Most effective magic: Ice, Fire
  • Effective magic: -
  • Less effective magic: -
  • Non-effective magic: -


Weapon Defense: 160
Magic Defense: 160
Avoidability: 17

Common Location