Salazar's Guide to the Perfect Mage

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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

Hello. I am only level 34 but who cares? I play on MapleGlobal at Bera. Anyways, to get on to the guide. This guide will tell you how to be a great magician while gaining fast exp.


I hope this guide will help you learn a lot about magicians and their skills. Although they have pros, they also have cons.


Mages do great damage.

Have a lot of MP (If you max. Improving Max MP Increase)

Recovers a lot of MP.

Can use defending and attacking skills.

Can attack from distance or close range.


Mages have little health.

Need to buy a lot of Blue Potions even though they get a lot of MP.

Damage stays very low compared to others in the earlier stages and possibly the later ones.

Patience is required.

Getting Started

NOTE: This guide contains a dice roll section for AP points. We would like to inform you that dice roll function is not used anymore in GMS and MapleSEA. If you are a beginner, there is no need as all points are assigned to STR. When you get your job advancement, click A and then click on auto-assign points. Please avoid that section and everytime you level up, press 'a' and press auto-assign. You may continue that system or if you are looking to use a special point build eg. dexless assassin, then you may do so.

To be a great mage, you need great stats. You should start out like this:

STR: 4 or 5 (I recommend 4 EDIT: i recommend 5 on str instead of dex because str affects how much hp you gain per lvl while dex dose you no good)

DEX: 4 or 5 (If STR is 5, this needs to be 4, but if STR is 4, this can be either 4 or 5)

INT: * (Can be anything)(try to get above 7)

LUK: * (Can be anything)(try to get above 7)

Both INT and LUK must be used for equipments, armor, etc. INT raises your magic attack and magic defense. INT is essential(necessary)!!! LUK is just used only to meet the requirements of the weapons and armor.

Stat Distribution

If you don't know the stat distribution, this is important.

You can do it 2 different ways. They both meet the requirements for the weapons and armor.

Recommended Way: You should have 3 more LUK than your level, and everything else on INT. NEVER PUT -ANYTHING- ON DEX, STR, HP OR MP! Doing so will make your mage SUCK. Ex:If you are level 14, you should have 17 LUK.

Other Way: You can put 5 INT for 4 levels, and 5 LUK for 1 level. This gets confusing at times, but you'd have a max MP higher than someone else at the same level (and even higher if you did the hell build!)

You should use the top, (the recommended way), because most people may not remmember what they put the points into on the last level. Also the damage you deal can have a wider range. But it's your choice.

Training on Maple Island

In Maple Island, you'll train so slow that you might want to quit. If you want to make a perfect mage, you need a lot of patience. Anyways, you only need to be level 8 to become a magician. NEVER BECOME A MAGICIAN AT LEVEL 10!!! You shouldn't because you are wasting SP points (we will get to that later)*. Check your quests and do every quest that is in Maple Island except for Bigg's and Mai's quest. Train on Blue Snails or Green Snails. Every time you level, check your SP book by click K. Put 3 on Recovery and 3 on Three Snails (Nimble Feet is useless because once you become a wizard/cleric, teleport holds a similar purpose). Note: This is only for the first few levels.

  • Disregard that, due to the patch, you'll recieve the SP points once you become a magician. EG: If you become a magician at level nine, you'll have four SP points to spend

Note: Recovery is completly useless, no reason needed, however, nimble feet helps you until level 60ish which is pretty darn usefull and if your going to do the hell build (no magic bolt at first) Three Snails is pretty usefull

Getting Out of Maple Island

Once you become level 7 with about 40% to 50%, you should go to Shanks and pay him 150 mesos to get out of Maple Island. Once you are in Victoria, you should go to Olaf. You can go to [1] to check out who Olaf is. Talk to Olaf and answer all of his questions. Then, after that pick the Path of the Magician. Then, a little to the left of the map, you should see a Ticket Booth. Click Ellinia. If you're too poor to do that, or if you do not have enough mesos, you may also go on foot, to Henesys, then Ellinia.

Once you're in Ellinia you go all the way to the top to meet Grendel the very Old.

Becoming a Magician

At the top, you will see a portal. Go inside the portal and you will see Grendal the Really Old. Talk to him and finish the first quest. Congratz you are level 8!!! After that, talk to him again that you want to become a magician. You will get more MP and 1 SP point. Once you become a magician, you should read the next step.

Skill Distribution

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Improving MP Recovery

Recover every 10 seconds. The recovery is based on your level and INT.

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Improving Max MP Increase

This skill boosts up the amount of increase on MaxMP after each Level UP, or AP used on MaxMP.

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Magic Guard

Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP. If MP reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit.

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Magic Armor

Temporarily boosts the weapon defense by blowing magic into the armor.

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Energy Bolt

Use MP to attack one enemy.

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Magic Claw

Use MP to attack an enemy twice.

Skill Build

There are different ways of skill building.

Recommended Build:

+1 Magic Bolt-Level 8

+3(3) Improving MP Recovery-Level 9

+2(5) Improving MP Recovery +1 Improving Max MP Increase-Level 10

+3(4) Improving Max MP Increase-Level 11

+3(7) Improving Max MP Increase-Level 12

+3(10) MAXED Improving Max MP Increase-Level 13

+3(8) Improving MP Recovery-Level 14

+3(11) Improving MP Recovery-Level 15

+3(14) Improving MP Recovery-Level 16

+2(16) MAXED Improving MP Recovery +1 Magic Claw-Level 17

+3(4) Magic Claw-Level 18

+3(7) Magic Claw-Level 19

+3(10) Magic Claw-Level 20

+3(13) Magic Claw-Level 21

+3(16) Magic Claw-Level 22

+3(19) Magic Claw-Level 23

+1(20) MAXED Magic Claw +2 Magic Guard-Level 24

+3(5) Magic Guard-Level 25

+3(8) Magic Guard-Level 26

+3(11) Magic Guard-Level 27

+3(14) Magic Guard-Level 28

+3(17) Magic Guard-Level 29

+3(20) MAXED Magic Guard-Level 30

Final Outcome

Improving MP Recovery-16 (MAXED)

Improving Max MP Increase-10 (MAXED)

Magic Guard-20 (MAXED)

Magic Armor-0

Magic Bolt-1

Magic Claw-20 (MAXED)