Sabitrama and the Diet Medicine

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Sabitrama and the Diet Medicine
Quest giver Sabitrama
Quest type Jump quest
Difficulty Medium
Length Long
Class required Any
Level required 25
Continent involved Victoria Island
Town involved Sleepywood
Repeatable? Yes


  1. Go to Sleepywood and find Sabitrama. Talk to him and he will ask you to get a Pink, Blue, Orange, or Yellow Anthurium.
  2. Prepare 3,400 mesos. (2,500 mesos for MapleSea)
  3. Go to Ellinia and talk to Shane. To get in you'll need the 3,400 mesos. He will teleport you to The Forest of Patience, <Step 1>.
  4. Complete the jump quest, then double-click on the pile of flowers. Make sure that you choose the right coloured flower that Sabitrama asked you to pick! Currently, the GlobalMS & EuropeMS version of this quest does not ask you to choose a flower, but automatically gives you what Sabitrama asked for.
  5. Go back to Sabitrama.


  •   3500 exp.
  • 1 Fame

   One of the following:


  • This jump quest contains fake Lupins throwing bananas skins. The quest also contains spears and thorns, which are found or appear from the ground! Beware. Just bump into them carefully and they will knock you a bit forwards. If you try jumping over them, the thorn on the platform above may knock you away.
  • The platforms in this jump quest are considerably far apart. To get down from a vertically up platform, jump, don't just fall onto it.
  • There are two parts: The Forest of Patience, <Step 1> and The Forest of Patience, <Step 2>.
  • The last section of <Step 2> requires you to climb up one rope, down another, and up a third while dodging bananas. With good reflexes, you can skip part of this path by jumping off to the left from the top of the rope leading down. You should bounce through a Lupin and reach the third rope. Make sure to hold up to grab the rope when you fall past it, and use your invulnerability period to find a safe place to hang and rest before continuing. If you fail to perform this trick, you will not lose much progress, as a long platform stretches beneath these ropes to catch you.
  • There is also a neat trick you can do for the thorn platforms. If you have your character stand right next to a thorn and press the down button (or whatever button you use to duck), the character will just hop lightly in the air but remain in the same spot. Use your invulnerability period to just walk right through the thorn to the next platform. Nice tip! (Submitted by Ryan, MS Windia, ign SirFiggy)
  • Redoing this quest will get you 2 same random ores (mineral/jewel). Gold and Black Crystal Ores don't seem to be obtainable through this quest. Redoing the quest is free, because after you complete the quest, Sabitrama will levy the fee.
  • Louis is inside both areas of the jump quest. Talking to him will enable you to get out of the jump quest.
  • In EuropeMS the quest can only be repeated 1 time every 24h.