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The Renegades Update, known in Korean Maplestory as the Justice Update, is the 6th game revamp succeeding the Alliance Unbound. Succeeding this patch is Tempest Update.

Part One:Thief and Pirate Revamp/Exclusive Classes

In Korean and Japan Maplestory, this patch brings a complete overhaul of the Thief and Pirate classes, removing and replacing old skills in place of better skills.

In China, Taiwan, South East Asia and Global Maplestory, this patch brings a new twist. While only the Thief class changes, the three servers introduces their own type of Pirate only available at their respective servers. In China, Taiwan and South East Asia Maplestory, they recieve Zen, a gun-wielding martial artist that is based on Eastern culture whereas Global goes into the futuristic theme with the space bounty hunter, Jett.

Patch Two: The Phantom

This patch released the new Thief Hero, Phantom. The Phantom uses a new weapon called the Cane and their secondary weapon, the Cards. Cards are dropped by monsters. Their town or 'home' is the Crystal Garden (an airship), floating over the sky.

Patch Three: Aswan

The new town of Aswen will be release. Aswen is abandoned and since then, the town has been haunted by a ghost. The Black Magician's General, Hilla, is in charge of the town. Aswan is a new PQ, there you need to kill Hilla's guards, to arrive in the town Aswan. Also, in this patch, there is a new system called Inner Ability, and the Character Selection screen change.

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