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R1e2u3b4e5n6's Warrior Guide

Warning about being warriors

"Warriors are weak!" This quote is heard almost everywhere. Why? It's mostly because others are thinking that warriors usually kill-steal form other job beginners. Then people start discarding their warrior accounts because at lvl 20+ , they are weaker to almost everyone. Why? They simply get ks-ed because they are the only class without ranged attacks. It looks like this is the end for warriors, but don't give up! You saw how good warriors are at lvl 1-16. All you need is patience. Like archers, you will only excel at lvl 70+, because your 3rd job skills will shine.

Pros and cons:


  • 1. High damage when lvl 60+
  • 2. Don't need to waste money on attacking equips(arrows, stars)
  • 3. 3rd job's attack are nice
  • 4. High Def
  • 5. High HP
  • 6. can mob (hit many monsters at once) during 1st job


  1. Often got kill-stealed when you are lvl 20-30, as it is the weakest class at that point of time.
  2. No ranged attacks until 4th job (3rd job for Spearmen)
  3. Generally are not welcomed into parties, due to being percieved as "useless" (Spearmen are an exception)
  4. Low MP
  5. Low Magic Defense