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R1e2u3b4e5n6's warrior guide

Swordman Builds

Here are the bulids for a swordman.

Standard Build

The standard bulid for warriors.It works best when work for pages want-to-bes.

Alternate Standard Build

With this build, you will max Power Strike before points are applied to Slash Blast.It works best when work for fighter want-to-bes.

Mob Build

With this build, you will max Slash Blast before points are applied to Power Strike.It works best when work for spearman want-to-bes.

Iron Body Build

This bulit is a not recommended alternitive to being a high DEF warrior. In the midst of it, you will lose out on a vital skill-Slash Blast.But if you still want to do this,listen up. Spearman want-to-bes should not max power strike, instead add on slash blast.

Low HP Build

This bulid will let you have a super-boost in attack when in the lower levels. As doing so,you will have less HP as you do not max the skill HP Increase. Every Warrior will get a large amount of health when they make the second job advancement. It's ok to be on the low health side. If you have a lot of health in the lower levels, you'll have a lot of HP at the 2nd advancement. This is only recommended for spearman want-to-bes.

r1e2u3b4e5n6's custom bulid

This is my 'endure bulid'