Pure Gold Transistor

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Can only be equipped by Mechanics

Pure Gold Transistor
Image of the Pure Gold Transistor mechanic transistor.
Type Mechanic Transistor
No. of Slots 3
Classes Pirate
Level 120
Weapon Defense +60
DEX +5

NPC Value

  • 32,000 mesos


Mechanic Equipment
Mechanic Arm
Copper Machine Arm - Bronze Machine Arm - Iron Machine Arm - Gold Machine Arm - Pure Gold Machine Arm
Mechanic Body
Bronze Body Frame - Iron Body Frame - Gold Body Frame - Pure Gold Body Frame
Mechanic Engine
Copper Engine - Bronze Engine - Iron Engine - Gold Engine - Pure Gold Engine
Mechanic Legs
Bronze Machine Leg - Iron Machine Leg - Gold Machine Leg - Pure Gold Machine Leg
Mechanic Transistor
Copper Transistor - Bronze Transistor - Iron Transistor - Gold Transistor - Pure Gold Transistor