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An evil wizard named Francis who has been seen lurking all over Victoria Island over the course of Cygnus Knights and Aran training quests. Must be defeated as part of a quest assigned to Knights and Aran just before their second job. Aran have to defeat him multiple times in multiple quests primarily for unlocking skills. Located deep in the Ant Tunnel, in a sealed room off Cave of Evil Eye 3. The password for entering his room is(Francis is a genius Puppeteer!). His main attack involves launching a magic spell through his puppet, this attack is weak but quick. He can seal, use Seduce, and heal himself for about 700hp so don't take him too lightly.



  • Level: 35
  • HP: 20,000
  • MP: 120
  • Avoid: 10
  • Knockback: 2,000
  • EXP: 0


  • If you look carefully in the shadow of his hood, you can see his green hair.