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This guide covers the Priest job class and contains strategies for levels 70-120.

Priest Skills

Main article: Category:Priest Skills

Elemental Resistance

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This skill adds extra protection against all elemental attacks. Some say it's like having a second Invincible for a Priest. Elemental Resistance is as important as putting 1 SP into Teleport or MP Eater early on as a Cleric. If you put it in early, you get a 12% immunity to elemental attacks, which is very useful. Put 1 SP into this early and then max it later.


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This skill nullifies all negative stats that may affect your party, such as poison, darkness, weakness, etcetera. It does, however, have a success factor. The more SP you put into this skill, the higher the success rate will become. You will need to have three points in dispel as a pre-requisite to other spells, such as Holy Symbol and Mystic Door. Place 3 SP into this early, and then depending on your build, you may wish to max it later.

Mystic Door

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This skill is very useful to every class. The reason why I say that is because Mystic Door allows you to create a gateway that transports you to the nearest town. Well I bet you're saying, "That's pointless; I can just use a return scroll." But, Mystic Door also allows you to come back to where you were training, saving time. This spell does however require a Magic Rock, which costs mesos, and are occasionally dropped by monsters. So don't use this all the time.

Holy Symbol

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For all those who have heard of this skill as a young magician and wanted to become a cleric due to this, Holy Symbol is useful as it raises all EXP of the party to 150%, which is normally 100%. This skill could cut your training time by 1/3. If you are a Party Cleric, max this move as soon as possible.

Note: This only gives 100% effect in a party with more than 2 members.

Shining Ray

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A solo Priest's main move. This attack has a base damage of 105 at mastery. This is also a mob attack, (attacks up to 6 monsters at once) so Priests love getting it. Shining Ray is quite powerful, but it is also very slow. It is also useful in parties for attack.


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Yes, you can turn enemies into Blue Snails now. This spell does cost a Summoning Rock (Magic Rock in MapleGlobal), so use this skill wisely. Doom is mostly used on big monsters, such as Taurospears or Lycanthropes. This spell makes monsters an easy target and nullifies their attack completely. However they do still have the same Defense and Health, and only lasts a certain period of time. Doom does not work on bosses.

Summon Dragon

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This is another skill that requires a Summoning Rock. Summon Dragon summons an allied dragon to attack for you. This skill is actually useful for both party and solo Clerics, because when you Heal, the dragon attacks the enemy nearest to you. Max this after you get your recommended skills out of the way.

Skill Guide

Main article: Category:Magician Skill Guides

Party Priest

Party Priests now have the advantage of gaining experience faster than solo Priests, where in 2nd job, solo Clerics gained experience faster. This is the trade off. Max holy symbol as soon as possible There is a debate on what to max after that, but I recommend Elemental Resistance because 50% against all attributes is very helpful, and will keep you alive (which is what your party wants). Don't bother with Shining Ray until the end, as you're going to always be in a party now that you have Holy Symbol.

Solo Priest

So you probably leveled faster in the second job, but the third job will become harder for you. You could cheat and go into parties once in a while, but you won't be as popular as a Party Cleric. Max Shining Ray, then Holy Symbol, Doom and Summon thereafter. Solo Priests usually level fastest from 75-85, but a Party Priest will still outshine them in terms of experience.

Diverse Priest

My build again, if you followed it, or if you have a Cleric's party stats at the end of being a Cleric. You can take this alternate route. It is however different from a party priests stats. This build is also for people who do alot of both partying and soloing.

I chose this build because Mystic Door needs more time for potion runs, and dispel needs more success rate and range. I believe that this is the best build for a Priest.

Priest Training Guide

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Note that this does not include monsters from JMS, or KMS. Only monsters from MapleGlobal and MapleSEA are listed below.

Levels 70-77

Coolie Zombies are still good at these levels. You could also party with a Dragon Knight with Hyper Body and train on Death Teddys and Master Death Teddys. If you decide to put several points into Elemental Resistance early on, soloing here is also an option although partying will still be faster.

Note from GoldGriffin4: Coolie zombies now have little spawn, and have an insane amount of hermits in the maps who ks you like mad. Finish off that last level from 70 to 71 at ludi maze pq. Then I'd recommend these first few levels of priesthood to be held in the Forgotten Path of Time 1, soul teddies and master soul teddies. Good money, easy to kill (if you have shining ray). Also, there are lots of hackers here, which you can choose to ks (like 40% an hour). I'm not telling you to do it, but its for your own good.

  • Thank goodness for Hoodoos (sorry all you non-Globalers). They are the best experience at this level. And easy to corral together and mob with heal.

Levels 77-83

Continue partying with a Dragon Knight at Master Death Teddies or Phantom Watches for fast exp. Those who put more points into Elemental Resistance to be able to survive without Hyper Body could party with other non-Dragon Knight characters. Partying at squids (with Magic Guard on) is also another viable option.

Levels 77-100 (General)

Join parties and take on stronger monsters. Monsters may vary due to updates and new areas with new monsters being implemented into the game. You can also do party quests which can level you up slower but gives you a lot of items and experience points.

  • One word: Himes. (Get yourself a 85+ DK and have at it). These are great to train on, as it pretty much doesn't matter where you are in maplestory, you can get to Zipangu -unless you are in NLC :(
  • once you get ~95 you can try Newties in Leafre. Don't go alone.


Below are a few videos that may inspire you to follow the path of the priest, as well as showcasing some of the abilities of the Priest being put to use.

Lvl 113 Priest

MT's very own EcksDee in JMS

Author's Note

It took forever to write this by HAND, and I praise you if you even look at this guide. I hope that you've found what you were looking for. Please, if you have any questions, contact me in-game. My IGN is Sunmage.

Happy Mapling!!!

Transcribed to the MapleWiki by AeroSigma

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