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The first-Job Pirate is the designation given to a player between the levels of 10 and 30, or between the 1st and 2nd Job Advancements. After boarding the Nautilus as an Explorer past level 10 who has yet to make an advancement, you are offered the opportunity to become a Pirate by the captain of the Nautilus, Kyrin.

The first Job of a Pirate is an interesting one, as right away you are given the two skills that will determine the class you will choose in your later job advancements -- The skill Somersault Kick being a skill that reflects the Brawler's close-range mobbing tactics and Double Shot being a lethal, 2-round shot, reflecting the life of a Gunslinger. You are also introduced to Dash, an interesting skill that will serve as the crux of your 1st-job mobility, as Dashing not only provides a brief jolt of speed, but also incurs the Stance condition while it is in use, and also boosts the power of a certain skill when it is used during a Dash -- Namely, Corkscrew Blow for a Brawler and Triple Fire as a Gunslinger.

The most important aspect of this job is to become comfortable with the play style of the Pirate -- that is, to learn how to effectively attack without taking too much damage in the onslaught. Note the weaknesses and strengths of the classes; that a Brawler must be in relatively close proximity to attack with their mob-oriented skills while Gunslingers may attack at a range, but are more oriented at taking out one mob at a time.


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Bullet Time.png Bullet Time Permanently increases Accuracy, Max Movement Speed, and Jump. Passive 10 x -
Shadow Heart.png Shadow Heart Increases your Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Passive 10 x -
Sommersault Kick.png Somersault Kick A devastating kick that accompanies a backward somersault. Attacks all enemies in the vicinity. Active 20 x -
Double Fire.png Double Shot Fires two consecutive shots at the enemy. Active 20 x -
Dash.png Dash Double-tap the left or right arrow to perform a dash or jump dash. Also cancels all knockback. Use Corkscrew Blow or Triple Fire during the dash for additional damage. Active 5 x -
Octopush.png Octopush Use while in the middle of a jump to jump even further. The jumping distance increases as the skill level increases. Active 5 x -

The aftermath

The main priority of this job is to max out your Passive Skills directly after placing the first point into your respective Offensive Skill. Dash is the heart of your mobility early on, and the only basic mobility a Brawler gains until obtaining Spiral Assault as a Marauder. Shadow Heart increases your Critical Hit rate and the base damage that a Critical Hit can do -- a very useful support skill, as both Buccaneers and Corsairs will dole out very frequent critical hits in the endgame. Bullet Time raises the base Speed and Jump of a Pirate, which is particularly useful in conjunction with Dash, allowing you to cover more ground on foot.

By the time a Pirate has reached 30, all of their skills except for the offensive skill opposite of the path they've chosen to take should be maxed -- Namely, leave points out of Double Shot if you favor being a Buccaneer, or leave points out of Somersault Kick if one wishes to become a Corsair.

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