Pia And The Blue Mushroom

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  • Level Requirement: 20
  • Availability: All Jobs

Quest descriptions

  • Quest description (during the quest)
    • Underneath the watchtower at Henesys park, I met Pia, who was wearing a teddy bear costume. She was talking about how, on the way to Ellinia, she ran into a couple of blue mushrooms and had a hard time with them. She wanted me to show them who's the boss, and as a proof, she wanted 60 blue mushroom caps and 60 green mushroom caps ... but I can see why she's being attacked anyway ... anyone that walks around wearing those is bound to be attacked !!!


  1. Talk to Pia. She is in Henesys Park.
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  2. Collect 60 Green Mushroom Caps (dropped by Green Mushroom).
  3. Collect 60 Blue Mushroom Caps (dropped by Blue Mushroom).
  4. Return back to Pia.

The good thing about this quest is that there are Green Mushrooms just to the left of Henesys and Blue Mushrooms just to the right.