Phantom Forest

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The map that tells you which map leads to what.

Original Structure

The Phantom Forest is a large area to the west of Masteria, it originally only contained 2 maps, The main town map, which serves as the entrance to the Haunted Mansion and the other called Hollowed Ground which contains only the Jr. Wraith, and the tombstone of the Headless Horseman. The Headless Horseman spawns here every 6 hours.

Crimsonwood Expansion

The Crimsonwood Expansion to the Phantom Forest is a MapleGlobal exclusive area, The level ranges of the enemies here range from 45-120 (Leprechaun to Crimson Guardian) Not including Jr. Wraiths which are level 35.

The forest contains sharp thorns and plants to deal damage,and the misleading paths mean you get lost easily, or if you are not strong enough, killed by powerful enemies like Elder Wraith and Stormbreaker.

Bigfoot also roams that area, and the Headless Horseman also makes appearances.