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*You are patient
*You are patient
*You can stand people putting you down
*You can stand people putting you down
There are two types of Perma beginners: a maple island one, and just a normal one, more will be explained later in this article.  However, for Maple island Perma beginners, it is harder to train, because of the fact the strongest mushroom on Maple island is an orange mushroom.
There are two types of Perma beginners: a maple island one, and just a normal one, more will be explained later in this article.  However, for Maple island Perma beginners, it is harder to train, because of the fact the strongest mushroom on Maple island is an Pig.
==Pros & Cons==
==Pros & Cons==

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Guide for Permanent Beginners

Perma Beginners (also known as a Supernoob, can be shortened farther to Sn or Pb), is short for the term "Permanent Beginners." Permanent beginners do not make the job advancement. Instead, they spend their entire life as a Beginner. This article will explain the Perma Beginner. Before you continue, it is recommended for people to fulfill these requirements:

  • You are funded
  • You want a challenge
  • You are patient
  • You can stand people putting you down

There are two types of Perma beginners: a maple island one, and just a normal one, more will be explained later in this article. However, for Maple island Perma beginners, it is harder to train, because of the fact the strongest mushroom on Maple island is an Pig.

Pros & Cons


  • Never lose experience when you die.
  • Cheaper cab rates means saved money.
  • When you reach levels 30 and up, people will be amazed and interested.
  • Unique, forced equipment style.
  • New, challenging gameplay elements for veterans who have grown tired of the game.
  • No need to waste money on HP Pots, MP Pots, or Armour.
  • If you are a Maple Island perma-beginner, people will think you are a pro or a hacker if they play for first time, and will think you are like a GM if you have cash items on.
  • Somewhat easier to get into PQ, because you are unique, and cool.
  • Can still look awesome, many items can still be worn by beginners.


  • Harder to level.
  • Skills obtained are weak.
  • Can't activate some quests.
  • Weaker than all characters.
  • People might put you down.
  • Can get boring at some times.

Interested? If you want to be a Perma Beginner, continue reading.

The Perma Beginner Beginning

Your dice roll should be similar to that of a warrior. That means Str: X Dex: X Int: 4 Luk:4/5 Your first ten levels should be similar to those of a warrior. Add 3 points to strength and two to dexterity. [However, you do have a lot of free room to do whatever. It's perfectly fine to put all your stats into LUK, or even INT, though I don't reccomend it. INT gives you mp, and you never use mp. LUK will not give you any attack. Come to think of it, you could put all stats into DEX, so that you'd have better accuracy than anyone! Although going on as a LOW dex beginner may help with the lack of mastery you have to put up with.Giving you more room for strength.] Complete Maria's quest to earn your hat and around level 10, complete Biggs' quest to get a better weapon. This is where the two "types" of Perma Beginners forms.

There Are 2 different types of Perma Beginners
There is a Islander, they stay at Maple Island.
Then there is a Snail Crusher, they only kill snails for training.

If you want, you can stay on Maple Island and train on an assortment of snails and mushrooms. Or, if you would rather go to Victoria Island, talk to Shanks around level 15 and leave. Staying on Maple Island makes it very hard to train, but around level 20, you should be able to kill Orange Mushrooms in one hit. If you can stick it out and train on those for the rest of your character's life, you will become one of the strongest characters ever on Maple Island.
Note:Part of being a supernoob is having style and being unique and different. If having a ordinary sword looks cooler than a better one, use it!

Training for Perma Beginners

Those who want to train in Victoria Island should loosely follow the training pattern of a warrior.

Levels 10-15 Snails and Slimes in the later levels.
Levels 15-20 Red Snails, Slimes, and Pigs in later levels.
Levels 20-25 Slimes, Pigs, Ribbon Pigs in later levels.
Levels 25-30 Slimes, Pigs, Ribbon Pigs, Kerning PQ
Levels 30-35 Ribbon Pigs, Wild Boars
Levels 35-40 Ribbon Pigs and Mostly Wild Boars, mabye jr.sentinials.
Levels 40-45 Wild Boars, ludi pq
Levels 45-50 Wild Boars and possibly Fire Boars in later levels, and teddys at ludi
Levels 50-55 Wild Boars and Fire Boars
Levels 55-60 Fire Boars and possibly Copper Drakes
Levels 60-65 Fire Boars and Copper Drakes,ligators
Levels 65-70 Copper Drakes and Crocos
Levels 70-?? Everything like Balrog, Mushmom, Bain, Zombie you name it!

Weapons for Perma Beginners

Weapons can be a problem for permanent beginners. They get harder to find as they continue to level higher and higher. Here is a list of weapons that beginners can use:

One-Handed Swords:

Old Gladius, Green Umbrella, Sword, Maple Flag, Stars and Stripes Pumpkin Basket, Long Sword, Red Whip, Maple Sword, Maple Soul Singer, and Yellow Umbrella.

Two-Handed Swords:

Wooden Baseball Bat and Aluminum Baseball Bat

One-Handed Axes:

Chief Axe, Hand Axe, and Double Axe.

One-Handed Blunt Weapons:

Wooden Club, Blue Flowery Tube, Leather Purse, Hard Briefcase, Red Flowery Tube, Plunger, Lollipop, Purple Tube, Black Tube, Emergency Rescue Tube, and Colorful Tube.


Razor, Fruits Knife, and Korean Fan.


Fish Spear,

Pole Arms:

Sky Snowboard, Aqua Snowboard, Silver Snowboard, Gold Snowboard, Dark Snowboard, Blood Snowboard,Frozen Tuna, Surfboard, Maroon Mop and Maple Snowboard.


Wooden Wand, Hardwood Wand, and Metal Wand. (Using wands for Perma Beginners is not advised)

This is a current list of weapons that beginners can use. (03/14/07)

Equipment for Perma Beginners

Equipment, like weapons, is hard to find for perma beginners. Here is a list of equips for beginners:

Mark of the Beta, Pilgrim Hat (M), Maplehontas (F), Blue Skull Cap, Brown Skull Cap, Red Skull Cap, Green Skull Cap, Red Headband, Black Headband, Green Headband, Blue Headband, Yellow Headband, Black Swimming Cap, Blue Swimming Cap, Red Swimming Cap, White Bandana, Black Bandana, Yellow Bandana, Blue Bandana, Red Bandana, Purple Bandana, Pink Bandana, Brown Bandana, Grey Bandana, Green Bandana, Old Wisconsin, Yellow Metal Gear, Blue Metal Gear, Metal Gear, Black Baseball Hat, Yellow Baseball Hat, Brown Baseball Hat, Red Baseball Hat, Blue Baseball Hat, Ribboned Pig Headband, Brown Bamboo Hat, Blue Bamboo Hat, Green Bamboo Hat, Red Starry Bandana, Sky-Blue Starry Bandana, Yellow Starry Bandana, Chief Stan Hat, Bone Helm, Zakum Hat 1, Zakum Hat 2, Zakum Hat 3, Red Sporty Cap, Blue Sporty Cap.

White Undershirt (M), Undershirt (M), Grey T-Shirt(M), Blue Striped Undershirt (M), Blue One-Lined T-Shirt (M), Orange Sporty T-Shirt(M),White Tank Top (F), Yellow/Green Cotton Shirt (F), Red-Striped Top (F), Pink Sleeveless Shirt (F), Pink Starry Shirt (F), and Red-Striped T-Shirt (F).

Blue Jean Shorts (M), Brown Cotton Shorts (M), Blue-Striped Boxers (M), Blue ClamDigger's (M), Grey Thick Sweatpants (M), Camo Pants (M), Red/Indigo Mini Skirt (F), Pink Cotton Panties (F), Ice Jeans, Sand Blasted Jeans.

Blue Sauna Robe (M) and Red Sauna Robe (F).

Yellow Rubber Boots, Red Rubber Boots, Blue Rubber Boots, Leather Sandals, White Gomushin, Black Gomushin, Smelly Gomushin, Brown Aroa Shoes, Green Aroa Shoes, Bronze Aroa Shoes, Blue Dorothy Shoes, Red Dorothy Shoes, Brown Dorothy Shoes, Red Whitebottom Shoes, Orange Whitebottom Shoes, Blue Whitebottom Shoes, Pink Whitebottom Shoes, Red Sneakers, Blue Sneakers.

Work Glove, Purple Work Glove, Blue Work Glove, Yellow Work Glove, Brown Work Glove, Grey Work Glove, Red Work Glove

Stolen Fence, Pan Lid, Maple Shield, Palette

Old Raggedy Cape, Icarus Cape (1), Icarus Cape (2), Icarus Cape (3), White Napoleon, Black Napoleon, Green Napoleon, Blue Napoleon, Red Napoleon, Yellow Adventurer Cape, Pink Adventurer Cape, Purple Adventurer Cape, Brown Adventurer Cape, Blue Justice Cape, Red Justice Cape, White Justice Cape, Black Justice Cape, Blue Magic Cape, Red Magic Cape, White Magic Cape, Black Magic Cape, Blue Gaia's Cape, White Gaia's Cape, Red Gaia's Cape, Black Gaia's Cape, Green Seraph Cape, Blue Seraph Cape, Red Seraph Cape, White Seraph, Black Seraph Cape, Green Giles Cape, Black Giles Cape, Purple Giles Cape, Red Giles Cape, Blue Giles Cape

This is a current list of equipment that beginners can wear.
Remember, all items in the Cash Shop can be used by all job type (and non-job types!). If you can, spice up the limited wardrobe by buying a new hairstyle or new clothes!

Extra Info

Along with the basics of raising a SuperNoob you can also choose to verge on a perfectionism route. In this you are low dex to make up for the lack of mastery beginners get.*this is suggested for funded people* Using an accuracy calculator you can scroll your sauna robe shoes and capes to just the right amount to be able to hit the monster you train on. This route can be very expensive but, all that dex you scrolled for can now go into strength when you're leveling up. Have fun!

Recomended Stats Builds

I (sumi66) would like to add a recomended stats build which spans over a 5lvlperiod and is repeated in 5lvl intervels your first 3lvls are for str and dex (str most becasue you depend on it to attack) 4+str and 1+dex. you only add dex so low because the only benefit from it is the possible chance for enemys to miss you ocassionaly and it isn't very nessecary the last 2lvls of the 5lvl span in for HP and MP because we all like health and MP is always good^^. +3HP and +2MP, BUT once your DMG is above 40 stopa adding mp. It's at a good lvl now and you wont need it much more so change the stat build to +4hp and +1str. Thanks for your time. And if this info doesn't work with you it's probally cuz i use mapleSEA and things are slightly varied between the other operating systems. Any way good bye and have a nice day^^. (if anything happend to the main section of this it's probally my fault this is my first edit)

I (SharpShadow) suggest you would ONLY add STR, DEX and HP. Why don't add MP? When you are about lvl 20, you don't need any MP anymore. Maybe a few times by doing a skill like restore or nimble feet. I suggest you should never put something in the snail skill. You won't need it anymore after lvl 15. Just put something in nimble feet and restore skill.

IMPORTANT: You should hold your DEX and STR double of your lvl. your HP should be anything else you can put in it. It should look like this.

+2DEX, +2STR and +1 HP each lvl once STR and DEX are twice your lvl.

While STR and DEX arn't twice your lvl (but higher), you should NOT put anything in it. Whenever STR just got twice your lvl you should start add 2 points each lvl. Whenever DEX is still not twice your lvl you should NOT put anything in it untill it is twice your lvl. Each point that you didn't spend in DEX or STR should be putten in HP. It should look like this (When you rolled: 4 INT, 4 LUK, 6 STR and 10 DEX.)

lvl 1. 6 STR, 10 DEX, 0 HP

lvl 2. 6 STR, 10 DEX, 5 HP

lvl 3. 6 STR, 10 DEX, 10 HP

lvl 4. 8 STR, 10 DEX, 13 HP

lvl 5. 10 STR, 10 DEX, 16 HP

lvl 6. 12 STR, 12 DEX, 17 HP

lvl 7. 14 STR, 14 DEX, 18 HP

lvl 8. 16 STR, 16 DEX, 19 HP

lvl 9. 18 STR, 18 DEX, 20 HP

lvl 10. 20 STR, 20 DEX, 21 HP

As you see, STR and DEX will be forever the same number. HP gets slowly higher. I could go on to lvl 200, but it would not be necesary. You can now follow the formule I told you. Good luck with being an permanent noob.

Please add more builds if you want.

[Lysterfiendx]Edit: I have a lv 26 proginner and i have followed a warrior build. 3 Str, 2 Dex. Keeping my dex twice my level. I do admit I have trouble with accuracy at times on Necki Jr's and Ligators. It shouldn't matter unless you plan on doing kPQ's till 30.