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Perma Beginners (also known as Perma Noobs, can be shortened farther to Pb or Pn) is short for the term "Permanent Beginners." Permanent Beginners do not make any job advancements. Instead, they spend their entire life as a Beginner. This article will explain the Perma-beginner, and to make a successful one. Before you continue it is recommended for people to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You are funded (not necessary, as being un-funded does not really matter, you will earn more mesos as you get stronger . The equipment is also cheaper)
  • You want a challenge
  • You are patient
  • You can stand many questions from cuurious/naive/ignorant people
  • You have a lot of perseverance

There are two types of Perma Beginners:

Islanders are perma-beginners who stay on Maple Island, and do not take Shanks's ship to Victoria Island. However, for Islanders, it is harder to train because the strongest monster on Maple Island is the Orange Mushroom, only giving 15 EXP per kill, which has been reduced even further after the Ascension patch. The monsters on the island drop very few equipment items that can be used by islanders, and absolutely no weapons other than the razor (and the starter weapons) can be obtained there.

Pros & Cons


  • Never lose experience when you die.
  • Cheaper cab rates (And strangely, Camel Cab) means saved money (90% discount).
  • When you reach levels 30 and up, people will be interested, and if you manage level 100 - astonished!
  • Unique equipment selections (tubes/surfboards/roses)
  • New, challenging gameplay elements for veterans who have grown tired of the game.
  • No need to waste money on MP Pots (Unless you plan to use Three Snails as a utility), or Armour (Until level 50+).
  • Can still look awesome, and a few items can still be worn only by beginners. Example: Maroon Mop. It's the strongest weapon in the game (Only pertains to MapleSEA).
  • Able to use nearly every type of weapon effectively (120% Mastery Rate for all weapons)


  • Harder to level.
  • Skills obtained are weak.
  • Can't activate some quests (many of which award valuable scrolls).
  • Does not get additional item slots (becomes problematic when collecting equips)
  • Weaker than all other characters.
  • People will put you down (ex "Why don't you get a job stupid n00b?").
  • Can get boring at times. On the other hand, with a main character, a beginner can be very fun, like a vacation.
  • Sometimes harder to get into upper level Party Quests (Orbis, Pirate - easy to get into KPQ and LPQ/LMPQ).

Top Beginners

Taiwan MapleStory

The level 200 Permanent Beginner Character was accomplished February 2009 by a player from MapleStory Taiwan. Many players thought of this to be impossible, even with leeching before this.

Global MapleStory

The achievement of Level 200 Permanent Beginner has been reached. The first Perma Beginner to Level 200 is xBootylegs.

Ranking as of October 25, 2011:

Rank Name World Level
1 xBootylegs Scania 200
2 Hedqehog Windia 195
3 BeginnerLala Windia 189
4 straat Scania 188
5 Desiv2 Windia 186
6 OfficerSnail Windia 182
7 Redwall Broa 180
8 NoobEgg Windia 177
9 Alurnni Windia 175
10 iMarryClara Windia 171

  • This ranking is the official ranking from Maple Global, and does not exclude leechers, hackers, glitchers, etc.

Other facts

  • The 50th Beginner is Level 83.
  • The 100th Beginner is Level 71.
  • The 500th Beginner is Level 45.
  • The 1,000th Beginner is Level 37.
  • There are exactly 31 Beginners at or above level 100.
  • There are roughly 367 Beginners above level 50.
  • There are roughly 835 Beginners above level 40.
  • There are roughly 2,600 Beginners above level 30.
  • There are roughly 5,000 Beginners above level 25.
  • There are roughly 14,000 Beginners above level 20.