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Many players at around level 40 may begin to get bored of the game, possibly because of slow training or other reasons. The Ludibrium Party Quest is a quest for those willing to take a challenge, and work with 5 other party members through 10 complex stages. Completing this quest requires teamwork, patience, and skill. This party quest is the second of the two currently available, with the first (and easier) one being the Kerning City Party Quest.

Party Requirements


Thank you for your time.

Before beginning this party quest, be sure to read through this list of requirements:

  • You must have 6 party members to begin this quest. These players must all be in the level range of levels 35-50. Players level 40+ are preferred.
  • One member of the party must be a Magician, with at least Level 1 Teleport.
  • One of these party members must be a Thief with Dark Sight.
  • One of these party members must be an Assassin or Bowman with maxed Keen Eyes or The Eye of Amazon respectively.
  • The rest of the slots are open to whatever classes you choose. Bowmen higher than level 40 are useful, as are Warriors over level 45.
  • All members of the party must make sure they have considerable amounts of HP and MP potions, to prevent them from dying during the quest.
  • It is highly recommended to have a Cleric in your party to heal you while fighting the boss. Having one in your party will save you many HP potions. However, it may be wise to have 2 clerics in your party, as they may be prone to dying.
  • Also, cure potions such as Eyedrops and Holy Water are recommended while fighting Alishar. All Cure Potions are most convenient because they cure all states.

If your party meets all of these requirements, you are ready to begin to PQ! To enter the party quest, you must first head to the 101st floor of the Eos Tower. Then, get the leader to click on the Red Sign to begin the party quest. That is, if no other party is in it.

Finding A Party & Getting In

Track at Boss Stage

To get into a party, you should channel spam with multiple "@" symbols to grab people's attention in Channel 1 at 101st floor of Eos Tower. You will eventually get invited and once in a party, ask for your party's track. If they don't have one and you're not prepared to wait a long while, do not hesitate to leave and search for another party. If they do have a track, check it.

Track is the in game term for the person or persons that tell you a party's progress inside the Party Quest. This is done via the /find command. What is returned is their current map which tells you their current stage.

Once the party that your party is tracking reaches Stage 7, you should start to check the track repeatedly. Stage 8 will probably take the party a long while for them to finish, but once they get into A Crack on the Wall (the boss stage), your leader needs to start clicking the stop-sign. Only a few seconds after they leave the boss stage, will the party quest open! Note: It is also possible for your party leader to start clicking at the 'Bonus' stage, because the PQ is open for anyone to enter once the party has spent 10 seconds within the Bonus stage.

  • DO NOT use autoclickers. Sure, they help you get in, but they are a violation of MapleGlobal and MapleSEA's Terms of Service and you may get banned for using one.

There is always the possibility of missing. Missing is when another party clicks faster and gets in before you get a chance to enter PQ. When your party misses, you should automatically try another channel.

The Quest Process

Finally! You're in the Ludibrium PQ! You thought that the worst was over, right? Well, not really. Unlike the Kerning City Party Quest, the Ludibrium PQ is much more difficult and complex, and will require a lot of precision to complete, even when inside. This is how to complete the Party Quest.

Stage One

A party in Stage One.

Move up and down the area, killing the Ratz and Dirty Ratz. They've got a little more HP than usual. Each kill will net you one coupon. Note: There are two ratz that will drop a coupon on a platform where only a mage's Teleport or a thief's high level Haste can reach. Once your party has killed all the Ratz, give the passes you picked up to your leader, then have him talk to the red balloons NPC to open the portal to the next stage. Have one or two of your party members go through the portal. The rest should wait by the exit of Stage One so you can more quickly finish stage two. Why this is so will be explained in the next section.

Passes required: 25
EXP: 2100

Stage Two

The party members who went through the portal should go down to the second box from the top. When they hit it, all the members in Stage Two will be moved to the Tower's Trap. Basically it's just a mini-stage to do, but since you've got 3 or 4 other party members waiting to come through, you can do Stage Two and Tower's Trap simultaneously. This saves a lot of time. Once the party members have been taken to the Trap, the other members should go through the portal and beat Stage Two as usual. Both groups need to hit all the blue boxes they come across. Each box that is opened will drop a coupon. When both groups are done, give the leader your passes and have him or her talk to the orange balloon NPC. Everyone should now proceed through the portal.

Passes required: 15
EXP: 2520

Stage Three

Bloctopus (Plural: Bloctopi) are rampant in this stage. Lone ones can be easily killed by your party. Now, there are boxes similar to that of Stage 2's. However in this stage, all boxes will spawn three Bloctopi. Each Bloctopus will drop a single pass upon being killed. The top half should be done by 2 people. They should up and kill all of the Bloctopus up there. As for the bottom half, a very swift way to finish it is to lure the bloctopi at the bottom half of the map downwards, such that around 20 of them are collected at the bottomost platform. Then, an I/L Wizard's Lightning, a Hunter's Arrow Bomb or a Warrior's Slash blast can take these monsters out really fast. Luring monsters down is done by hitting the bloctopi once, and then fleeing downwards. Give all of your passes to the leader, who gives them to the yellow balloons NPC. Proceed through the portal to Stage Four.

There are a couple of corners that are covered up by the map edges where dropped passes can sometimes hide. If you're missing passes, be sure to check those corners while holding your pickup key down. Also, if you are taking the bottom half, beware of the irritating Bloctopi. When you are jumping upwards, if a bloctopi is on the platform above, it will knock you back down.

Passes required: 32
EXP: 2940

Stage Four

This stage is a little job selective. When you first enter this stage, there will be 7 portals. The topmost and bottomost portals are fake, and do not lead anywhere, leaving 5 real portals. Each of these portals takes you to a pitch-black room containing a hidden monster. This hidden monster is black, and thus is invisible in the dark room. However it opens and closes its eyes occassionally, and you may only hit them when their eyes are open. One person can stay up while the rest of the party can do the tasks required. The rest should go down and find a portal that is not taken, and then dropping mesos or a worthless item outside the portal to signify that the portal is occupied. In this stage, the top three portals are recommended for Magicians because the Shadow Eyes inside have a high weapon defense but low magic defense. The bottom two portals are for any non-mage class, which contain Dark Eyes with low weapon defense and high magic defense. The second last portal contains two monsters, making a total of 3 Shadow eyes and 3 Dark eyes. It is not reccomended to have two people inside the portal with 2 monsters, even though it will help. That is because there may be a dispute regarding who gets to kill the monsters. Once you are finished, give the pass(es) to the leader to proceed. Higher leveled people can take portals that do not belong to their class, especially since a party usually does not contain 3 mages.

NOTE: Take into consideration that the dark/shadow eyes, like any other monster, follows you when you hit it. Use that to your advantage. Also, when you hit it, it will attempt to close its eyes. To stop it from doing that you have to knock it back. Its knockback is 200, so you have to constantly deal more than 200 damage PER STRIKE (therefore if your magic claw deals 150 and 170, it won't knock the Shadow eye back even though the total damage is 320). Once you can achieve that, the monster is easy to kill.

Passes required: 6
EXP: 3360

Stage Five

This stage consists of six portals. The top most portal can only be reached by Teleport or a player with a high level of Haste, however the content inside the portal requires teleport. The bottom most portal can only be accessed by a Thief with Dark Sight as the king block golems are extremely powerful and will kill you in one single hit. You are not required to kill them, so no point going down. The other four portals should be accomplished by the other party members. In the normal portals, as you climb the rope you will find blue boxes with a star on it. You must climb higher than the platform the box is on and then jump toward the platform, because the platforms are quite far away from the player. Repeat this step until you have gotten all the passes then climb all the way up to the portal to return to stage five. Because of this, a decent level of Haste would literally speed up the process of this stage.

Once you have reached stage five, give the leader your passes and you will then be able to continue.

Passes required: 24
EXP: 3770

Stage Six

The Sixth Stage is fairly simple. There are rows of platforms, each with three numbered boxes; pressing up at the correct box will teleport you up to the next platform. Pressing up on the wrong box will force you to start all over again. At this point, someone in your party might announce the order of the box numbers to the newbies or the forgetful.

The order is: 133 221 333 123 111. The numbers are easiest to remember in groups of three.

Hit up while standing on the numbered box in that order. At the top is the portal to stage 7.

Passes required: N/A
EXP: 0

Stage Seven

Upon entering this stage, you will need to get an assassin with maxed Keen eyes or a bowman with maxed Eye of the Amazon to kill the monsters above, which will drop a pass which will break the box and summon a Rombot at the bottom. The Rombot have a magic attack that can be avioded by jumping. You will know when the attack is going to be activated when the Rombot's eye glows and its hands sparkles. After half of its health is gone, the Rombot will start summoning Block Golems. There will be three Rombots, each summoned by killing the 3 monsters above (a Ratz, a Dirty Ratz, and a Bloctopus). Kill them, get the passes they drop and you have completed this stage.

Tips for this stage:

  • The rombot has a magic attack that can be avoided by jumping.
  • The rombot can be knocked back when 1000 damage is dealt in one hit.
  • Summon one rombot at a time by killing only one monster at the top of the stage at a time. If you kill all monsters at the top at once, there may be too many monsters for your party to handle. However, most parties should be able to deal with 3 rombots at once.
  • If you plan to kill all 3 Rombots at once, ask your ranged player to kill the tougher monsters first. Then the Rombots will be summoned at close intervals.
  • If you have a cleric, get them to spam heal (hold down their heal key and do nothing else)

Passes required: 3
EXP: 4620

Stage Eight

Getting the "wrong" message in Stage eight.

Yet another puzzle stage. It is very similar to the Kerning City Party quest puzzle, but with nine boxes. This stage requires 5 party members to be on the boxes (the leader has to be on a box if someone is offline) This can get tedious and long, because there are 126 possible combinations. To accomplish this quickly and in an organized manner, the following method is used. One person, generally a person that will be AFK (Away from keyboard), a newbie or a person who needs to recover HP (should there not be a cleric) should be on box one or two. Other members of the party should go on 3, 4, and 5. Don't fight over boxes, it doesn't matter, it just makes this stage longer. Assign an experienced jumper to box 4/5.

This process must be organized. So, the person at the greatest number (five at start) should keep incrementing in number until the person reaches nine where he or she will restart at six and the person that was at four will go to five. This process keeps continuing until the message "Clear" is displayed. Note, the final combination is 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. If you get it wrong that combination, you should start all over, as you have missed a combination

  • If you need help, ask your party members, they should know what to do.
  • If you're new, try taking the first or second box, however if your party doesn't want you to, simply take another number.

Passes required: N/A
EXP: 5040

A Crack On The Wall - Killing The Alishar (Boss)

A party fighting Alishar, the PQ boss.

Have your Bowman or Assassin kill the Ratz on the platform so the passes drop directly onto the treasure chest. Note that the Bowman or Assassin should not hit the ratz so that it is off the platform for the pass might drop to the ground below. If that happens, jump and drop the pass so that it will go back on the platform. Once the treasure chest is broken, Alishar is summoned!
Tips and Strategies:

  • Your Cleric should start spamming Heal and not stop until the end of the battle. This is because that you will not be able to take even 2 or 3 hits from the boss. Alishar deals out about 400-600 touch damage, and 400-600 magic damage.
  • All magicians MUST have Magic Guard on at all times of the battle, as Alishar will kill in one hit by touch damage and two for magic.
  • Alishar can jump and move to the very edge of both sides of the stage, so unless your party is quick at killing him, you might find your party hemmed in on one edge. Mages can try and teleport to the other side, but everyone else will have to walk past it.
  • Alishar will curse you. The curse can either lock up all your skills or blind you to drastically lower your accuracy. You should use Holy Water for the lock or Eye drops for the blindness. Alternatively, you can use All cure potions which will cure you of both the Lock and blindness. Waiting for the curse to wear off is not an option, due to the nature of the battle. If you did not bring any cure potions and get cursed, you will just have to stay out of battle.
  • Mages need not use Eyedrops, because they will not be affected by lower accuracy.
  • After losing about 1/3 of his health, he will begin to summon Chronos. After lowering his health further, Alishar will start summoning Platoon Chronos in addition to Chronos. Alishar will begin to summon Master Chronos as well when he has about only 1/3 of his HP left.
  • The Chronoses should be handled by the players who cannot hit Alishar.
  • Eventually, the Alishar will die and drop a key. Let the leader pick up the key he drops. After the leader clicks on the Balloon, you will automatically proceed to the Bonus Stage.
  • If your party is still struggling and can't seem to kill Alishar, you should simply abort the stage and attempt to rush.
  • Warriors will usually miss Alishar if they are below level 43. Those at level 43 and above, and have a Maple Weapon, will find it easy as Maple Weapons add 30 accuracy. All Warriors should use Sniper Pills and Warrior Pills. Warriors basically have only one option: to tank at Alishar.
  • Mages: Magic Guard on AT ALL TIMES. Turn it off only if you want to know how your tombstone looks like. Clerics should stay near the ranged attackers and spam heal. Heal can also be used to damage the Chronoses, but remember that your party members are more important than damaging these minions. Bless should only be used when it is level 10 or higher because there are players who use sniper pills, which are negated once Bless is cast. Watch your MP as well, Magic Guard will drain a whole lot of it, and will cause your death once your MP reaches 0. Lastly, when Alishar casts a status curse or does a magic attack, teleport backwards to dodge it. Alishar is resistant to ALL elemental attacks, try Magic Claw instead. Of course, if you have invested lots of SP into your attack skill, use it.
  • Bowmen should bring Sniper Pills, even with insane accuracy. They won't do the best damage, but will help if they have Arrow Bomb to finish off the Chronoses. Note that that causes quite a bit of lag. Remember that Bowmen succumb easily to Alishar's wrath if they do not watch their HP.
  • Thieves: Use your best throwing stars and jump attack. Assassins are probably the main attackers in this stage. Sniper pills are good. Bandits need not worry getting up close and personal with Alishar if they have a cleric or two. Haste would be nice, but it is not neccessary. Watch your HP. When you are out of reach from your dear cleric, make sure you keep your HP up.
  • Be prepared to use your own HP-restoring items if necessary, as the party can get spread out and/or separated with Alishar in between them. If either of those situations occur, you may be without the help of your Cleric.

Bonus Stage

This stage consists of many, many prize boxes. Upon entering, you have one minute to collect as much loot as you can. Hitting a box opens a cascade of Mesos and items. It is recommended that you not bother with them unless you see a cape, earrings, or Dew (sells for a few thousand Mesos at an NPC). After a minute, your party will automatically be ejected into the conclusion stage. Refrain from looting another party member's items. Take others' mesos or potions only if it is apparent that they do not want it. There are many, many more prize boxes at the top than the bottom, so it is advised that 4 people go up and 2 go down.

Determine to Adventure

This is not a stage, however to exit the party quest and to get your prize, you will need to talk to Artuto, whom is at the top of the map. After talking to Artuto, he will give you a prize, make sure you have one slot in Use, Equipment, and ETC available before talking to Artuto.


Rushing is the art of entering the party quest again before another party gets in. Several methods are used to rush. The most common method is the leader leaves via the Sergeant NPC and then quickly clicks on the Red Sign. Reasons why parties rush include:

  • The party is in the bonus stage and wishes to try their luck at getting in again.
  • The party has lost vital members of their party either through death or disconnection.
  • The party wishes to smuggle passes.

Things to avoid doing while in PQ

  • AFK-ing. This causes trouble, whether you are in the PQ or trying to get in. You will hold up your party if in PQ because no one can advance to the next stage without you. Outside PQ, when your party has found a channel with no party inside the Party Quest, they find that they cannot go in because you are AFK. Avoid going AFK as far as possible.
  • Looting. In the Bonus stage, looting another person's items may result in defames and undesirable exchanging of words.
  • Inpatience. Patience is crucial in Stage 8, which may take a long time.
  • Flaming. Treat your party newbies nicely. When you are involved in a dispute, calm down, even if it is not your fault. This is for the good of the whole party. After all, you will be separated after the PQ.
  • Slacking. It is selfish to sit at the bottom of the map while all yor party members kill the monsters, letting you leech from it. A PQ requires all the party members to work together.
  • DC-ing. Of course if you cannot get a better computer, try switching your graphical mode to the lowest possible. Note that this may cause confusion in Stage 6, when you cannot see the boxes clearly. Stay out of fights (except for the boss fight) as far as possible.

Dealing with situations

Inevitably, during your PQ career, you will come across some nasty people. When that happens, do not panic, and follow the steps below.

Dealing with a party member that is offline

Occassionally, there will be a party member that disconnects or simply left the party for no reason. If this person does not have a pass when they left the party, then there should be no problem. However, if the person did have a pass, you will have to rush. However, in order to more quickly rush, one person in the party should go and get another person ready so that when the leader comes out of the party quest, he or she can quickly invite this person and rush in. Alternatively, wait until the disconnected party members comes back. There is no garauntee that he/she comes back online, but if he/she does, it is good because you can then rush out and back in. This step is risky if you are towards the end of the PQ, because other people are more likely to track you when you are further into PQ.

Dealing with a party member that is afk

Occassionally, there will be a party member that does not respond, because he is not at the keyboard. Of course you should wait for him, but when it is apparent that he will be gone for quite some time, and you do not wish to wait any longer, just do what you do when there is an offline member: rush out and find a replacement.

Dealing with a party member that is rude

Occassionally, there will be a party member that is rude toward you. Please know that this is like the real world where you might hate your peers but you must ignore them. Simply remember the rule of "don't feed the troll," which simply means don't talk to him or her. It is important to NOT expel the rude party member. When one party member is expelled, the whole party is booted out of the Party Quest.

If there are two members fighting with each other (eg. two mages taking the mage portal in Stage 5), then try to resolve the dispute, but know your limits. They may threaten to leave the PQ, or to hold on to the passes which holds up everyone.

Obtaining Tracks

  • Tracks are very simple to obtain. First, you should go channel surfing and write down the names of the people there. Later on, you can use the /find command to see if that certain person is in a party quest. If they are, you should tell your party to come to that channel. You should keep this track for future PQs.
  • Buying tracks. This is not a good option as the sellers most likely are scammers.
  • Free tracks. Often, Someone gives out a track. It is because of get people to change channel, causing them to sucessfully get in. 2.The person could be angry with their group members, wanting to cause them to fail entreing the next PQ. 3.fake tracks(they could be in other places). Try not to use these, because the word spreads fast, causing you to have a lot of competition with other parties.

Party Quest Terminology

Party quests has terminology which many be confusing to first time party questers. The following are used commonly in the Ludibrium Party quest.

  • Clear - The second stage's second box has been broken, you can now enter the second stage without going to the trap.
  • Done - Has the same meaning as "clear".
  • Go - Has the same meaning as "clear".
  • Pass - The ETC item that allows the leader to clear the stage, which opens the portal to the next one.
  • AC - Auto Clicker, a macro that allows one to click the red stop sign very fast. It can get you banned if used, this is against the terms of policy for MapleStory.
  • MC - Manual Click. The method of clicking on the Red Stop Sign using your fingers. It's slower than an AC, but it is legitimate.
  • Track - Someone that you can look up to check their party's progress through the Party Quest.
  • Miss - The leader fails to get the party into the party quest and another party enters the party quest.
  • CC - Change Channel. Used when a party member has found a track and is telling the party which channel it is at (i.e. cc12 stg5)
  • Out - The current party inside the party quest is now out of the Party Quest, enabling another party to get in.
  • LDR - OF COURSE everyone knows that this means leader!