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It is basically a ghost plant riding a clock. It has a very high amount of HP, and it can cast spells of all elements. It has an active and an inactive mode. Chief Bandits are able to defeat this quickly because of their Meso Explosion (which can range from to 60,000 up to to 101,000 damage) but requires a lot of mesos. Crossbow/Bow Masters are recommended along with any other attacker for a quick and efficient boss battle. Many Night Lords that do not have a base HP of 3.5k-4k+ cannot survive easily without Hyper Body (but it is still possible). Papulatus (Monster) ejects itself from the clock when the clock is destroyed.


  • Level: 125
  • HP: 23,000,000
  • MP: 2,000,000
  • Experience: 596,000
  • Knock Back: 10,000
  • Speed: -40


  • Weapon Attack: 630
  • Magic Attack: 480
  • Accuracy: 250


  • Weapon Defense: 1000
  • Magic Defense: 1100
  • Avoidability: 12


  • Boss