Orbis Tower

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Orbis Tower connects Orbis and El Nath and is home to a number of NPCs, monsters, and quests. It contains several different types of monsters, including Sentinels, Jr. Pepes, and Leatty. If a player continues down past the exit to El Nath, they will enter Aqua Road at B2 (basement 2).

Each day you can repeat Collecting Huckle's Magic Ingredients quest, which gives 2500 exp and 5 Orbis Rock Scrolls. You can use these to teleport directly from level 20 to level 1 and vice-versa.


This is a list of NPCs that inhabit Orbis Tower.

  • Wonky the Fairy - Found at the top of the tower, he takes the players to the Orbis Party Quest.
  • Barun - A wizard located on the 14th floor of Orbis Tower who sells scrolls.
  • Huckle - A man living in a hidden portal on the 10th floor. Six different quests (see below) can be activated by talking to him. He has a pet dog named Moppie in Orbis who he is unable to take care of.
  • Statue - A mysterious statue located on the 8th floor.
  • Hughes the Fuse - A scientist found in a hidden room, accessible on the lowest floor of the tower, B2.


Here are some quests that are available in Orbis Tower.


Monsters here are sorted according to the floors on which they are found, from highest to lowest.