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About Omok

Maplestory has a mini-game function for those who get bored of the endless training. Match Cards and Omok are the two that are available.

Omok FAQ

How to play Omok without an Omok Table

There are two ways to start playing Omok: You can create an Omok Table, or you can play with someone else who has one.

If someone already has an Omok Table and they are willing to play, they will have a rectangular box over their heads that does not disappear. It will have a black circle on it and a title. If it is a private game, it will have a password and you will not be allowed in. If not, you can enter the game by double-clicking the box. If they have a title that has nothing to do with Omok, then do not enter, because they only want what they have said. eg. Defame me! Fame me! Leave name if you have a [item]. etc.

If it does not have a black Omok piece, then it is a matching card game.

Omok is like a large game of tic-tac-toe that you must get 5 in a row instead of 3.

If you are ready to start, press the ready and you will begin when the leader says.

When you are done, press the ready if you are willing to begin again.

How to play Omok with an Omok Table

The goal of the game is to make a row of five of your pieces, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. To place a piece, click on a blue dot.

How to create an Omok Table

To get an Omok Table, you must first find an Omok Table. They are found in Stumps and various other monsters. You also must find two different Omok pieces. They must be from the same continent. Then go to either Chico in Ludibrium Village, or to Casey in Henesys Park's Game Park.