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A NPC standing at [[Lith Harbor]] who likes to help [[Beginner]]s.

A NPC standing at [[Lith Harbour]] who likes to help [[Beginner]]s.
==Common Location==
*[[Lith Harbor]]

== Quests ==
== Quests ==
*[[MapleStory Basic Knowledge]]
*[[A Lesson on Job Advancement]]
*[[The Path of Warrior]]
*[[The Path of Magician]]
*[[The Path of Bowman]]
*[[The Path of Thief]]
*[[The Road of Pirate]]
*[[For A New World]]

* Gives quest [[A Lesson on Job Advancement]].
[[Category:NPCs - Lith Harbor]]
* Gives only one of this quests at choice:
[[Category:Male NPCs]]
** [[The Path of Warrior]].
** [[The Path of Bowman]].
** [[The Path of Magician]].
** [[The Path of Thief]].

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