Officer Skeleton

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  • For information about this monster in previous versions, see here.

Officer Skeleton.png

A stronger skeleton soldier, appearing in the camps near the Sharenian Guild Quest entrance in the Perion Ruins. Wears a metal helmet and wields a sword. They appear good to train on but due to a poor spawn few people attempt it. Often appears with Skeleton Soldiers as well.


  • Level: 35
  • HP: 1400
  • MP: 200
  • Experience: 79
  • Knock Back: 200
  • Speed: -45


  • Weapon Attack: 167
  • Magic Attack: 160
  • Accuracy: 25


  • Weapon Defense: 190
  • Magic Defense: 230
  • Avoidability: 8

Common Locations


Warrioricon.gif Warrior Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Pirateicon.gif Pirate Allicon.gif All
Brown Jangoon Armor.png Brown Jangoon Armor (F)
White Jangoon Pants (M).png White Jangoon Pants (M)
Steelshield.gif Steel Tower Shield
Green Matty.GIF Green Matty
Red Legolier Pants M.gif Red Legolier Pants (M)
Dark Piette Pants (M)
Brown Piette (M).gif Brown Piette (M)
Brownjewel.png Brown Jeweled 
SilverMaiden.png Silver Maiden
Use Etc. Mesos
UP2.gif Blue Potion
UP4.gif White Potion
Dexpotion.PNG Dexterity Potion
UP5.gif Mana Elixir
10%.gif 10% Scroll for Staff for Magic Attack 60%.gif 60% Scroll for Katara for Attack
Pelvic Bone.gif Pelvic Bone
Bronze.JPG Bronze Ore
Emerald ore.gif Emerald Ore
Magic Powder Yellow.png Magic Powder (Yellow)
Magic Powder White.png Magic Powder (White)