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You need to be at Level 71-85 to do the party quest.

The Magatia Party Quest revolves around the separated Romeo and Juliet who belong to two rival alchemy factions, the Alcadno and the Zenumist. As such, there are two different types of Magatia Party Quest, where the only differences are the roles of Romeo and Juliet as well as the reward at the end when either Romeo or Juliet is saved.

This PQ requires a party of exactly 4 members between levels 71 and 85, a Thief with maxed Haste (or someone with 120% Jump), and a Magician with maxed Teleport.

Assemble your party, then head towards Alcadno Society or Zenumist Society in Magatia (depending on your choice), go through the hidden door, and have your party leader talk to either Juliet or Romeo respectively to begin the quest.

You will have 45 minutes to complete the entire quest.

Stage 1

1.Have everyone click on the hidden books scattered throughout the room. If you stand too far, you will not be able to investigate the hidden areas.

2.When you double click on the hidden books, one of the following possibilities may occur:

o Nothing

o You will obtain 500 EXP.

o You will obtain 500 mesos.

o You will obtain Romeo's Letter or Juliet's Letter, which should be given to the respective NPC in Stage 4.

o You will find a switch that should be pressed to progress.

3.Once the switch is pressed - regardless who in the party - a portal leading to Stage 2 will appear next to the NPC.

Stage 2

1.This entire map will be shrouded in darkness, except for a small radius of visibility around your character.

2.Kill all the Homun and Cyti in this map.

3.You will gain 10,000 EXP when all monsters have been killed, so continue to the next stage through the portal.

Stage 3 1.Kill the Homunculus in this map and have each of your party member gather the Suspicious Liquid which it drops.

2.Fill the three large beakers in the room with the Suspicious Liquid. However, be warned as the beakers will leak, thus it is advised that you have each party member put it all in one beaker at the same time.

3.Once all beakers are filled up, you will gain 20,000 EXP, so continue to the next stage through the newly-opened portal.

Stage 4

1.If you have managed to obtain a Romeo's Letter or Juliet's Letter in Stage 1, give the letter to the respective NPC.

2.Kill the Neo Huroid in this map until it drops a Card Key. The Card Key is used to open the doors on the left and right side of the map - the left door is for the Thief with maxed Haste or a character with 120% Jump, while the right door is for the Magician with maxed Teleport, both of which consist of jump quests of sorts in a darkened area as in Stage 2.

3.It is recommended to be ready with a Card Key when a character is ready to enter or exit the respective door - the rooms behind both doors deplete a character of 100 HP every 3 seconds.

4.At the left room, the character needs to go towards the top platforms and hit the boxes to look for Alcadno's Experiment Files - potions and mesos may drop instead. At the room on the right, the Magician should teleport around to locate Zenumist's Experiment Files in the boxes.

5.It is also recommended that one player is sent to either room at a time. When the player is ready to exit it, other players outside the room should be ready with a Card Key to ensure that the player is out quickly.

6.Hand over both files to the NPC and proceed through the door to the next stage.

Stage 5

1.If you have given Romeo's Letter or Juliet's Letter to the respective NPC in Stage 4: Special Lab and wish to fight Angry Frankenroid at the last stage (to also initiate other related quests), you will need to follow the following instructions carefully: One party member should slowly walk forward in the map (before the monsters spawn) until a small part of Yulete is seen. Have that member double click on him, and choose the bottom choice of the two available. If you go past him, the regular Frankenroid will only spawn at the last stage.

2.Fight the Reinforced Iron Mutae and Reinforced Mithril Mutae that will spawn in this room.

3.Once all monsters are killed, the party leader should click on a book that acts as a switch to proceed to the next stage. 20,000 EXP will be given for clearing this stage.

Stage 6

1.There are four doors that lead to jump quests that all four characters will have to do. There are four platforms in each 10 rows in each room; there is only one correct platform in a row that will send you to the next row, while the other three platforms will send you back to the bottom.

2.For the same row in each room, if one platform is correct for one room, it will be the wrong one for the other 3 rooms. For example, for row 1 (most bottom), assuming the platforms from left to right are labelled as A to D, if A is correct for room 1, then A for row 1 would definitely be wrong for the other 3 rooms. As such, it is important for party members to constantly update other members by typing in the chat the correct platforms in their own rooms using an earlier agreed method: perhaps communicating by using digits or letters, and so on.

3.The combinations are random for each PQ.

4.Completing this stage will net you 20,000 EXP.

Stage 7

1.When all your party members have finally gathered at the Center Lab, one or two players (depending on your party members) should be assigned to protect Romeo or Juliet - that platform will contain two Neo Huroid at any time. Ideally, it would be better to have someone who can freeze (Ice/Lightning Mage), stun (Outlaw), or use Puppet to lure the monsters away (Ranger/Sniper).

2.Talk to Yulete to summon Frankenroid or Angry Frankenroid (depending on what you have done at previous stages), who will in turn, summon Reinforced Iron Mutae and Reinforced Mithril Mutae.

3.Either version of the Frankenroid can jump, punch, warp players to Hidden Street: Entrance to Center Lab, or on rare occasions, drops your HP & MP to 1. It can also blind and poison you, so plenty of curative items should be brought along.

4.Three scenarios can happen:

o Once you have successfully killed Frankenroid and managed to prevent Romeo or Juliet from being killed, talk to the respective NPC and you will be warped to Hidden Street: Traces of Yulete. Talk to him, then you will be warped to the previous map again and you will be able to obtain your rewards.

o If you have successfully killed Angry Frankenroid, you will be able to access Yulete's Lab at the town of Magatia around the sewers, where a series of quests can be done.

o If you managed to kill either Frankenroids but didn't manage to save Romeo or Juliet, you will not obtain any additional EXP or rewards.


• 90,000 experience (after defeating Frankenroid/Angry Frankenroid but failed to protect Romeo or Juliet)

• 105,000 experience (after defeating Frankenroid and managed to protect Romeo or Juliet)

• 140,000 experience (after defeating Angry Frankenroid and managed to protect Romeo or Juliet)

• Zenumist Marble (from Romeo and Juliet)

• Alcadno Marble (from Romeo and Juliet)

• Blue Potion x 100

• White Potion x 100

• Elixir x 20

• Power Elixir x 10

• Unagi x 50

• Metal Heart Earrings

•Metal Silver Earrings

•Pink-Flowered Earrings

•Rock of Wisdom

•Scroll for Cape for DEX 10%

•Scroll for Overall Armor for DEX 10%

•Scroll for Cape for INT 60%

•Scroll for Claw for ATT 60%

•Scroll for Earring for INT 60%

•Scroll for One-Handed BW for ATT 60%

•Scroll for Overall Armor for DEX 60%

•Scroll for Shoes for Jump 60%

•Scroll for Two-Handed Sword for ATT 60%

•Scroll for Wand for Magic Attack 60%

•Scroll for Gloves for ATT 100%

•Red Seraph Cape

•Green Seraph Cape

•White Seraph Cape