Odd's Ellin Forest PQ Guide

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You need to be between Level 44 to 55 (inclusive) to do this party quest, which is also known as the "Forest of Poison Fog Party Quest".

In order to enter this party quest, it is necessary for the party to be consisted of at least 4 members, which may be of any Adventurer class. Upon entering, the party will be transformed to look like the Legendary Heroes, based on their job.

Because this party quest can only be attempted by Adventurers, the Knights of Cygnus will not be able to participate.


Once the party leader has created a party with at least 4 members, talk to Ellin who is located in Ellin Forest.

You have 30 minutes to complete this party quest.

Stage 1

Defeat all of the spawned Poisoned Lord Tree.

Poisoned Lord Tree

Once all of the Poisoned Lord Trees have been defeated, head over to the right of the map and proceed on to the next stage.

Stage 2

As you enter Stage 2, do not kill the Poisoned Stone Bugs. Instead, lure them to the bulbous green tree located in the middle of the map, as shown in the image below. To lure, hold down the down arrow key and hit them, then run as fast as you can.

If you kill the Poisoned Stone Bugs when they are near the bulbous green tree, they will drop Diluted Poison. Otherwise, they will drop Concentrated Poison which cannot be picked up.

Poisoned Stone Bug

Diluted Poison

Concentrated Poison

Once you have collected 4 Diluted Poison, head over towards the end of the map, on the right. Drop the Diluted Poison on the green thornbush one by one.

Once you are done, proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3

This stage contains a maze of portals, where the party will have to split up and find their way towards the bottom right of the map.

Only one of the party members will be able to reach it. Talk to Ellin and proceed on to the next stage.

Stage 4

Have all of the party members to talk to Ellin and select the first option: "Give me the Purification Stone". Each member will have 10 Purification Marble.

Purification Marble

Monster Marble

Start collecting 20 Monster Marble by using the Purification Marble to capture (click on) Poisoned Spright.

Poisoned Spright

Pass the collected Monster Marble to the party leader and have him to talk to Ellin.

Ellin will then attempt to purify the monster, and the NPC Sprite will appear. Talk to him and proceed on to the next stage.

Stage 5

The party must climb up ropes in order to reach the jump quest area.

Then, the party needs to split up and jump to one of the 3 ropes. The party members climbing the ropes must be careful and alert in order to avoid from being hit by the throwing stars.

Once the climbing party members have reached the top, they must destroy all of the wooden boxes in search of a Purple Stone of Magic.

Purple Stone of Magic

Once the item is obtained, the party can proceed to the next stage by talking to Sprite. The other section of the jump quest will not be necessary to complete if one of the party members has acquired the item first.

Stage 6

1.The party leader would have to summon the boss by dropping the Purple Stone of Magic on the rock statue, as shown in the image below.

2.There are 3 levels of bosses which need to be defeated in order to complete this party quest:

Poison Golem

Poison Golem Level 2

Poison Golem Level 3

3.Once the boss has been defeated, an item will be dropped by it, and when dropped at the Exit Stage, will restore the party's HP and MP really quickly. Pick up the item and proceed on to the exit stage.

Exit Stage

1.This is where the party can use the collected item to recover the party's HP and MP very quickly.

2.After recovering the party members' HP and MP, move on to the next map through the portal on the right.

3.Click on Ellin to receive your reward and you will be transported out from the party quest.

Rank Fastest Time Attempt % Wins Item Reward

S 15 mins 100 80% Glittering Altaire Earrings

A 17 mins 50 70% -

B 20 mins 30 50% -

C 24 mins 10 30% -

D 30 mins 1 20% -

F - 1 0% -


•52,000 EXP •Altaire Fragment

Exchange Rewards: •Glittering Altaire Earrings, in exchange for 30 Altaire Fragment and Rank B.