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  • Levels 51-70
  • 6 people in a party
  • A fast clicker (for changing channels)
  • A tracker (for tracking characters)

Welcome to Orbis Party Quest!

This is a great quest for levels 51-70, with plenty of experience and lots of fun, not to mention sharpening of teamwork skills, leadership and the making of new friends.

A must try at least once for everyone. OPQ now!

Party Quests

Note:Total time for OPQ is 60 minutes. Plan each stage carefully so there is enough time to go around.

There are 3 types of PQs:

  • FPQ (Full Party Quest)
  • RPQ (Rush Party Quest)
  • SRPQ (Smuggler Rush Party Quest)

Full Party Quests are done in full, all stages completed. An Assasin or Bandit is needed for this type of PQ, as some stages cannot be completed without Haste. These require more time and patience; incidents happen from time to time. There are rewards given, however, which makes up for the bitterness felt sometimes toward team mates.

The last stage, the Bonus Stage, is where there are several boxes. Hit one and coins and potions spill out. You may be lucky enough to get some weapons too, ranging from lvl 60-70.

After the whole Party Quest is completed, click on Goddess Minerva to exit the PQ. She will give you some items, potions the most common of all. The trick is to wait for 1 or 2 people to exit first, then follow. There are scrolls to be given (:

Rush Party Quests are just completing the first few stages of the PQ without actually completing it.This helps to cut down on the usage of pots and time. The stages mostly done are the cloud stage, Lobby and occasionally Sealed Room. (Explained later)

Smuggler Rush Party Quests are almost the same as Rush Party Quests, except they have a 'Smuggler'(or more than 1) who 'smugs' the clouds in the cloud stage.This means that they sneak the clouds out and quit the PQ, enter later and pass quickly through the stage.It's complicated to explain, really. Not recommended unless someone in your party is confident.

Entrance to the Tower

Collect 20 clouds from the 1st stage,which will permit you to enter the Tower of Goddess. Drop the clouds in the center of the circular block and Eak will appear.The leader will click on him and voila!


Monday - Cute - Orange
Tuesday - Scary - Yellow
Wednesday - Fun - Purple
Thursday - Sad - Dark blue
Friday - Cold - Light Blue
Saturday - Tight - Green
Sunday - Operatic - Red

There are 7 portals to choose from, each with their own box.Hit the box to obtain a CD, according to the colour of the day.There is also one which requires a Wizard with Teleport to reach, the one to the far right.

Sealed Room

Note: It is not easy for an inexperienced leader to pass this stage. Don't waste time by trying desperately for a solution. Pass your position to someone else who is more experienced if you are unsure.

The party is allowed 7 attempts in total.If an attempt fails, it is necessary to re-enter the room until SR is cleared.

Firstly, get 5 of your team mates to stand on the first platform (to the left).

'1 correct' at first try

Move to the center platform (410)

If 1 platform is still correct,than means the 3rd platform is correct.

The next combos are 320,230,140,and 050.

'All different' at first try

Move all your team members to the center platform (050)

Still wrong?

It probably means that the answer has 2 zeros in it, or none at all.

The next combos are 005,311,212,221,113,and 131.


40 pieces (stones) are to be collected here. These are dropped by boxes, the super-strong Cellions, Grupins, and Lioners. (Respectively from bottom to top)

A beginner to OPQ should start with the Dark Room. A deep,dark place,it contains 10 boxes which each drop a stone. Learn to navigate in the darkness,as there is no light here to see where you are heading towards.

Ice/Lightning Wizards are superb to Lioners, as they can freeze them- the kitties disappear from time to time,making them harder targets to hit.


Cellions spawn here,in different areas one after another.The last Cellion spawns at the very top.There are some platforms which an Assasin would be suitable for,being able to hit long-range.15 Cellions are to be killed.


Star Pixies fill the lower 2 platforms,while Lunar Pixies fill the middle 2.Luster Pixies fill the top 2.Don't be fooled by their adorable appearances!There are 6 of them in each platform.Once killed,they each drop a stone.30 of them are required to get out.

Note: Death Pixies appear once the pixies are killed; they are stronger than all the rest and have powerful mp attacks.

On the way up

Orbis PQ's Jump area at the top of the tower. This is the last stage, probably the hardest one. It involves finding the proper warp spot to progress. If you step on the wrong warp, you will be sent back to the beginning. The best tactic here is to send one party member ahead, have that person find the proper warp, and then send a second to mark the right platform with a coin, arrow, or other junk item. Then everyone follows it and repeats until reaching the top. Here, there are 5 switches that can be changed by hitting them. The party must find the two switches that need to be down. The party leader must remain at the bottom to click on Chamberlain Eak. Success is denoted by a CLEAR.

The best way to this is for 5 party members to go up and keep hitting the switches and then the leader spam clicks on Eak at the bottom.

Note:The leader must always be on alert when his/her members are hitting away.It is not easy to clear,just keep clicking until you get the correct answer.

Tower of Goddess

Drop the pieces on their respective platform until the statue is completed.Click on Eak to proceed to the next stage...Papa Pixie time!

Note:You can't fight papa without completing the statue,which requires 6 pieces in total.

Boss Stage

Orbis PQ Garden. The Nependeaths must be killed.Nependeath are located on various clouds floating outside the tower. Once defeated, the Nependeath drop seeds, which look similar to those used to transport to Leafre. They must be dropped on to flowerpots on solid platforms along the edges of the map. Once this is done, either a Nependeath or a Dark Nependeath will spawn. Once the Dark Nependeath has been defeated, drop its item on a statue and Papa Pixie will spawn.

Papa Pixie will spawn,along with the message 'Here comes Papa Pixie',at the bottom of your screen.He summons the various kinds of pixies(see Walkway),and unleashes deadly skills on those close to him.They are Seal,Slow,and Darkness.These can be undone by buying Holy Waters and some other pots.Clerics need them more as the group rely heavily on them spam healing (Rapid healing).

Upon defeating Papa Pixie,find the platform where Grass of Life grows.

Note:The platform where GOL grows is where a Nependeath seed doesn't, earlier in this stage. Be on the alert and find that platform as soon as possible. The GOL has to be passed to the leader in order for all to leave the room.

Bonus Stage


The boxes here drop coins,potions,as well as equipment from levels 60-70.These include:

  • Magic Capes (Red,Black,Blue,White)
  • Silver Metal Earrings (Level 70)
  • Pink-Flowered Earrings (Level 60)


Take a bow-you have now completed a Full Orbis Party Quest.One more time?

This is not the end,though,since Goddess Minerva will gift you scrolls,potions...and even Gaia Capes!