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Ludibrium PQ Guide


Uh, hey guys. This here is my first guide, and is here to help people understand the Party Quest available for characters level 35-50 in Ludibrium. It is a work in progress, and I'm not guaranteeing perfection. Things will be changed, added, removed, and shifted around.


Let's skip straight to what I feel is needed for a successful Ludi PQ, as most players already know what a PQ is. I've created a checklist. Here's what you need:

  • A party of 6 people. No more, no less. All higher than level 35, but lower than 51. 40+ is preferred, but not required.
  • One of these must be a Mage with at least Level 1 Teleport (Cleric preferred).
  • One of these must be an Assassin with Dark Sight, and maxed range on their throwing stars. (Note: An Assassin isn't necessarily required. A Bandit with Dark Sight and a maxed range Bowman can do the job as well. It's your choice whether you want to rely on two members or one.)
  • The other 4 slots are completely open. Bowmen higher than level 40 are useful, as are warriors over level 45. Bandits with Steal are extremely useful, as they can make the entire PQ experience much quicker and easier. Look for them if you can.

- Party members will want to make sure they have plenty of potions of both the HP and MP variety. -- Even if you have a Cleric, since they've been prone to die on occasion. -- Also, items that remove 'darkness' (minus accuracy) and 'skill lock' statuses are recommended.

Once you have all this, gather at level 101 of the Ludibrium Tower (if you haven't already) and have the leader double click the Stop Sign NPC found there.


The first stage of the Party Quest is rather self-explanitory. Ignore the two NPCs for now. Your job is to scale the map to the top, killing (White Mice) and (Black Mice) along the way. The mice will drop passes which the party leader collects as he/she follows along. There are two platforms that are only reachable using a very high level of Haste, or Teleport. Teleport preferred, as you must have a Mage with Teleport in the party to complete the quest anyway. After collecting all of the passes, return to the bottom of the map. There, the party leader must speak to the Balloon NPC to open the portal to the next stage.

(NOTE: Do not speak to the Soldier NPC ever, unless you wish to exit the Party Quest.)

Passes Required: 25
EXP Awarded: 3000


The quickest way to finish the second stage of the party quest, is to have only 2 party member step through the portal from stage one at the beginning. That person will then immediately head for the second breakable box from the top, on the right side. Break that box, and you'll be teleported to another map. Inform the other party members that it is clear, and they can cross through the portal to the first section of stage two, to finish clearing the boxes.

As stated, the point of this level is to break all of the boxes you come across. When you do, passes will pop out. Gather all of the passes and return to the top. The same goes for whoever was transported to the second map. Gather the four passes from there, and enter the portal to rejoin the rest of the party. Give all of the passes to the leader and have him/her click on the Balloon NPC to move on.

Passes Required: 15
EXP Awarded: 3600


You'll enter this stage and arrive on a platform at the center of the map. The party should split, at least 2 going up, and the rest going down. It really doesn't matter who goes in which direction, but, the stage will be cleared faster if the party breaks up. The object of this level is to not only kill any of the loose purple block monsters - which drop passes - but to also break any breakable boxes, which release 3 more of the purple block monsters each. Gather all of the passes from this stage, pass them to the leader and have him/her talk to the Balloon NPC to open stage four.

Passes Required: 32
EXP Awarded: 4200


From here, the party must head down. On the way down you will find gaping holes in the center spire of the tower. Each of these holes have a portal which leads to a numbered room. They are numbered from the top, 1-5. Inside these portals, you will find pitch black rooms. Make your way to the left side by jumping over any invisible barriers to find the exit. (There is a ladder heading up to it that you cannot see. Jump around for it.) However, on your way through, you will encounter a pair of eyes belonging to a monster. Your job is to kill that monster and retrieve a pass from it. These monsters can only be attacked when their eyes are open, though they aren't that difficult to kill.

The monsters in rooms 1, 2, and 3 are exceptionally weak against magic attacks, and strong against physical attacks. Rooms 4 and 5 are exact opposites of 1-3, they are weak to physical attacks and strong against magical attacks. ROOM 4 HAS 2 MONSTERS, while the other 4 rooms only have 1. Your leader should have 6 passes by the end of this stage. Click the Balloon NPC to move on.

(As user Greenx3 said, be sure to let the party members know which room you take in Stages 4 and 5, and let them know when it's clear to prevent any confusion.)

Passes Required: 6
EXP Awarded: 4800


Once again the party must split up into seperate portals. Stage Five has 6 rooms, meaning there's something for everyone to do. Once again, they're numbered from the top. So, the topmost room is room 1, the bottommost is room 6. Room 1 is only accessible, and can only be completed through use of the Teleport skill. Mages, room 1 is your job. Rooms 2, 3, 4, and 5 are rather self-explanitory. Room 6 is for Dark Sight using thieves only. Each of these rooms contain four breakable boxes with passes inside of them.

Regarding room 6. At the far right side of the stage five map, you will find a rope that goes down. ONLY GO DOWN AFTER DARK SIGHT IS ACTIVATED. No other party members should even consider touching the rope. On the level below the main entrance to the stage, are a couple dark lego golems rigged to do around 8,400 damage. (No, that is not a typo.) Sneak past them to find the portal to room 6. Inside room 6, you'll need to alternate between having dark sight on and off to sneak around and break your four boxes.

The leader should have 24 passes at the end. The balloon NPC opens the portal to the next stage.

(I've noticed some people having trouble reaching the top left box in Room 2. The trick is to move your character's body about 3/4 above the top platform on the rope, and then jump. If you're too high, you'll land on the top platform, if you're just right, you'll land on the one with the box.)

Passes Required: 24
EXP Awarded: 3800


You'll find yourself at the bottom of stage six with the two NPCs, and a set of blocks numbered 1-3. Each platform above you will have the same blocks. There is some sort of quiz on this level that gives you the correct combination, but why waste your time? The code for this stage is 133 221 333 123 111. That means, stand on block 1 and press up, then block 3 and press up, then 3 again, then 2, and so on and so forth. Teleport on the boxes in the correct order, and you'll find yourself at the portal to Stage Seven. It's that simple.

(NOTE: Try to memorize that code. It never changes, and your party might get upset if you stop to tab out and look it up in my guide while you're in the middle of the PQ.)

Passes Required: 0
EXP Awarded: 0


On this stage, your Assassin, or, if for some reason if he's dead or disconnected, a Bowman, should head up the rope on the left side, while the rest of the party heads down the rope into the pit. Your ranged party member will find two mice and a purple block monster in front of breakable boxes on the opposite side, which they must kill. Only kill one at a time, especially if the party is inexperienced. Killing a mouse will drop a pass and trigger the box opening. Once the box opens, a rombard will spawn in the pit, and it's the party's job to kill it.

Rombard Stats:

Level: 47
Experience: 850
HP: 33,000
MP: 220
Accuracy: 150
Avoidability: 18
Weapon attack: 175
Weapon defense: 185
Magic attack: 195
Magic defense: 200

It often spawns 2 block golems as well. Kill the rombard for the pass, and move to the next mouse. Repeat the process for all three passes and the portal to the next stage.

Passes Required: 3
EXP Awarded: Unknown


No Party Quest is complete without number barrels. Actually, in the Ludi PQ, there are number boxes, nine of them to be exact. You need 5 party members for this part. If you have less than 5, you have failed the party quest. The boxes are arranged as follows:

1 2
3 4 5
6 7 8 9
5 party members line up on 12345, and the 6th stands off to the side. The leader clicks the ballons to check if the combination is correct. If not, the party moves onto 12346, and so on and so forth, provided you guys can count and do not need help with that.

There are 126 total combinations (thanks EvilLemmy). You can view Lemmy's post with the complete list here This stage can be very time consuming. I have been in a handful of parties where the combination was 56789 (the last one). So, expect to spend some time here.

There is an alternate method to this stage, that was shown to me by a Japanese friend on JMS. I'll put that here, though, it's not required to clear the stage. Normally, the boxes are labeled:

1 2
3 4 5
6 7 8 9

This method requires you to use a little imagination and envision that the boxes are labeled:

4 7
2 5 8
1 3 6 9

Your party would then follow the 12345 pattern on the boxes matching the new labels (63714). The reason why this method is popular, is because of the positioning of the boxes. It's difficult to jump exactly to the box you want using the other method, making it more time consuming. Most people reach the desired boxes by walking to it from another one. This method requires less jumping, since you're simply taking a step to the right to get to the next box. Whichever method you choose, keep trying until you get the correct combination and unlock the portal to the boss battle.

Passes Required: 0
EXP Awarded: 5000

Boss Stage

Well, here it is, the part you've been waiting for. The Ludibrium PQ boss is not quite the pushover as King Slime is. You won't find as many people soloing this one. Get all of your buffs prepared as you enter the stage and make your way to the right. You'll see a lone black mouse on a platform in front of a box. Have one of your ranged party members kill the mouse. (Make sure you kill it so it drops the pass on the platform and not down to the ground below. The pass must be in contact with the box to summon the boss.)

There's a few things you should know about this boss:

- He summons Chronos , Platoon Chronos , and Master Chronos depending on how close he is to death. He summons 6 of these at a time, and they can be rather annoying. - He has a magic attack that always hits as long as you are in range of it. You get to learn the range the more and more you battle him. - The boss is able to cast 'darkness' and 'skill lock' on your characters if they are in range as well. Watch out for this, and try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

His stats are as follows:

Level: 56
Experience: 6,000
HP: 125,000
MP: 2,500
Accuracy: 160
Avoidability: 26
Weapon attack: 280
Weapon defense: 210
Magic attack: 260
Magic defense: 240
Strong against ice
Strong against fire
Strong against lightning
Strong against holy
Strong against poison

(Stats and images from

Passes Required: 0 (Use Boss Keys to complete)
EXP Awarded: 5950


Should you manage to defeat the boss, he will drop a set of keys. The moment the leader gives the keys to the balloon NPC, the entire party will be transported to the Bonus stage. In this stage, you will find several boxes, that when broken spit out various USE items, mesos, and the occasional surprise. Napolean Capes are very common here, as are earrings: Blue Moon, Skull, Heart...

You only have 1 minute for this stage, so, it's wise to have a good idea of where you're going when you get there. Party members should call top or bottom. (Top being anything above the platform where you arrive, bottom being under it of course.) Only 2 should go to the bottom, any more and you will have people fighting over the same boxes.

After that minute is up, you'll be transported to the exit. Talk to the NPC at the top there and you'll get your prize. Congratulations, you've completed the Ludibrium Party Quest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the PQ time limit?

A: You get one hour to complete the PQ, which is plenty of time.

Q: How long does the average PQ take?

A: A decent party will clear it in 20-25 minutes.

Q: In order, which classes are the most important?

A: Here they are, in my opinion. 1 - Assassin (needed for Dark Sight, ranged attack) 2 - Cleric (any Mage with teleport will do, but heal is kinda useful) 3 - Bandit w/Steal (if you can find one of these, TAKE THEM. The PQ is much faster, and easier with them.) 4 - A warrior level 45+, Spearman or Fighter. (You can take a warrior at a lower level if they have good accuracy.) 5 - The rest.

Q: Can we see the Ludi PQ prize list? Sure. Mind that it's incomplete, as this list was created from reports of items that people received.

- Various 10% and 60% scrolls (These mainly seem to be weapon/atk scrolls. Cape scrolls are available as well.)
- 100% glove/atk (read, it exists as a Global Exclusive:
( )
- Earrings, ranging from Emerald to Pansy.
- Summoning Bag x1 (Weak Ludi Monsters, or Alien Bag)
- Squid
- Mini-Sausages
- Watermelons
- White Potions
- Grape Juice
- Orange Juice
- Red Bean Sundaes
- Power Elixirs
- Elixirs
- Various Ores
- Screws
- Crystal Ores



You, for reading this guide

And, of course, MapleWiki

Thanks to the above people for contributing content to the guide, and helping me make it good enough that people want to steal it. *lol*

Everyone who has read my guide.

I wrote this for you guys. Thanks for looking at it, and even requesting sticky. That lets me know that I've done what I set out to accomplish.