NightFlurry's Guide On How To Successfully Create A Guild And Keep It Active!

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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

Welcome to my guide on how to create a guild and continue to make it prosper!

Making A Guild

So, you've been playing Maple Story for a while now, and you'd like to make a guild, if not join one. To make a guild you need a party of 6 people and the master of the guild needs to have 1,500,000 mesos and be the leader of the party and also level 10 or above. You must party the other 5 people and have the 1,500,000 mesos on you and go to the guild hall in Orbis, on the left hand side at the top. When your inside the hall you will see an old looking man at a small desk at the left hand side.

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His name is Heracle, and you must go to him with your party in the same map, and that is where you pay the 1,500,000 mesos to make the guild. He'll ask you what name you want for your guild, and at this point you really should have though up about 4-5 names in case some are taken. Once this is completed, messages will be sent to the other party members, which is a type of contract saying that you will accept this guild name. All they have to do is click 'ok' and the guild is created!

Knowing Your Surroundings

an average guild menu
So, You've now made the guild, officially and you need to know some stuff about it. Pressing the letter 'G' on your keyboard, as long as its set to default, will allow you to see the guild window, just like buddy and party and blacklist. This has various information.

As you can see, this is what it might look like, only different names and levels, and possibly different rankings depending on what your master likes. The scrolling messages at the top can only be altered by the Guild Master and Jr. Masters. If you click on the tab on the right hand side of the screen, at the bottom: guild info. This will open up a little table showing the names of the ranks, which only the master can 'edit' and 'save'.

Expanding The Guild And More

So, you've decided you want more than 10 members in the guild, well, simply go back to Heracle again and talk to him to expand the guild to 15 members, this will cost 500,000 more mesos. Here's a small table of how much it would cost and for each expansion:

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And for the emblem/logo it costs 5,000,000 Mesos, thats right, 5 million mesos! But, it's kind of worth it seeing as it makes the guild look a lot more advanced and rich . Here is a picture of what it looks like when you're choosing the emblem:

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And you can choose from different emblems, backgrounds, colours, etc.

Right then, well, thats the section about me guiding you on how to make a guild and expand it more. Here's my little...actually it's a LONG section about my guide lol...Brace yourselves lol...

NightFlurry's Guide To Making A Guild And To Help It Prosper!

Section 1: Okies then, SOOOO...You want to make a guild! What you wanna do is first ask 5 people you would like to join the guild, write down their names [IGN'S-IN GAME NAMES] and then make sure you have atleast 1,500,000 Mesos to make the guild. Once you have that, make the party and go to Orbis guild hall to make the guild, and make sure 6 members are partied. Then once the guild is made, I suggest having a small celebration event!

You could, depending on your guild's average level: -Do a scavenger hunt down orbis tower -Do a item hunt down orbis tower -Have a quiz about the guild name -Have a little contest

Or you could simply get to know your guild by talking to them all and sharing stuff, exchanging items and mesos and such.

Section 2: Now that you've made the guild, you wanna recruit for more members (up to 10), so that means another 4 members! You could promote some of your current members to jr master position and tell them how much you trust them with this job, and this could possibly make them like you more because of the fantastic position you've given them. Once you have at least 10 members, you could change the rankings around before that or most likely at this stage to make it look like theres an 'awesome update of the guild'.

Section 3: Now that that's done, you could do with asking for donations to expand to 15 members! If you think the guild members would not be able to donate then you can always ask the new people to give a joining fee to you. Or there's the good old alternative of holding an event to raise the mesos! For example: a lottery event.

Section 4: Now, you've expanded to 15 members and you're on your way to pro guildness lol! Now, you want to get the guild emblem now eh! NO WAY! Don't get the guild emblem until you have around 15-20 members that are active aswell as actually in the guild, so you'd need to expand to 20 members from 15, that means possibly following the methods in section 3. So, you want to get the guild emblem now? NOW THAT YOU HAVE ATLEAST 15 MEMBERS, you can get the guild emblem. Now...the guild emblem costs alot of mesos...we're talking 5,000,000 Mesos...that means 5million lol. So again following the methods in section 3 again but also for this,you could make a website for the guild at this point, this way the guild may feel that they now have a better and more advanced community with possible forums!A good site that i would recommend for a message board would be to visit ProBoards Also this way, they might feel that your doing more and more to make the guild a better place and best of making the 'getting the guild emblem' into an event so that it's more fun and not stretching over 2 months of begging and training. Once you have the guild my opinion and many other's...AN OFFICIAL....PRO....GUILD! CONGRATS! LOL!

Section 5: So then, you gots your website up and running, you gots 20members slots and you gots the godly emblem lol. Now what? You stay active![A Guild Leader Needs To Be There!] You keep making events![Weekly Events Would Be Best] You keep expanding![New Features And Such Is What A Growing Guild Needs!] And...You keep Leveling, along with your guild...keeping the peace in MS!

Please note that the pictures used in this guide were taken directly from the website! And btw...all the wording is mine lol...NO copy and pasting lol!

Thanks,For reading this guide!