Nella & Kerning City Citizen's Request

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This quest has two sections to it. In each section there are three requests from three different people located in Kerning City, although you do not need to visit them. In essence, there are six parts to this quest. To start this whole quest though, you'll need to pay Nella 1,000 mesos.

Part 1

  • Available to all
  • Level 10 and above

Don Hwang's Request

  1. Talk to Nella.
  2. Get 5 Stirge's Wings from Stirges.
  3. Get 50 Tablecloths from Jr. Wraiths.
  4. Talk to Nella and give her the items.


Shumi's Request

  1. Talk to Nella again.
  2. Obtain 5 Screws. Screw.JPG
  3. Acquire 5 Processed Woods. Processedwood.JPG
  4. Return back to Nella and give her the items.


Andre's Request

  1. Talk to Nella again.
  2. Collect 15 Octopus's Leg Octopusleg.gif (In Brazil MapleStory it's 100 legs)
  3. Buy one Pure Water. UP6.gif (closest shop is Sleepywood Sauna in Sleepywoods)
  4. Go back to Nella to finish off this quest.


A Level 20 glove for your job:

Additionally, you will gain

Part 2

  • Available to all
  • Level 25 and above

Dr. Faymus's Request

  1. Once again. Talk to Nella.
  2. Acquire 10 Jr. Necki's Skins. Jr Neckis Skin.gif (In Brazil MapleStory it's 50 skins)
  3. Return to Nella.


Chris's Request

  1. Talk to Nella once more.
  2. Obtain 10 Leathers. Leather.gif(In Brazil MapleStory it's 20 Leathers and 50 Stiff Feathers)
  3. Return to Nella with the items, once more.


Manny's Request

  1. Talk to Nella... AGAIN!
  2. Hunt for 150 Evil Eye Tails. Evileyetail.gif
  3. Return to Nella, for the very, very last time.


A level 30 shoe for your job:

Additionally, you will gain:

Overall Notes

  • The mini-quests (requests) have to be done in order.
  • You will only need to pay the 1000 mesos once: at the start of the whole quest. That means you need not pay at the start of Section 2.
  • Bubblings can be found in the Subway, for Don Hwang's Request.
  • Pure Water can be bought from the Sleepywood Sauna.
  • Jr. Neckis have high dodge rate. It's recommended to not hunt them if you're a low level warrior.
  • For Chris's request, the best way to collect the leather and the feathers is to kill Pigs, Ribbon Pigs or Wild Boars.
  • Evil Eyes are difficult to kill, but the reward is a pair of level 30 shoes, so you should attempt the quest at level 30, because you might struggle with killing evil eyes.