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She can bring you to Florina Beach for 1800 mesos from Ludibrium.
Nana is a NPC that gives you the "Proof of Love," an item required for your marriage. In order for her to give you one of these items, you'll have to obtain the items she requests you to get.

Locations and Names

There's a Nana NPC in Henesys, Kerning, Perion, Ellinia, Orbis and Ludibrium. The color of their clothes and their names vary slightly from each other. Their names vary from each other the following way: Nana("Initial of the city the NPC is located in"). eg: The Nana located in Kerning city would be called "Nana(K)," the one in Henesys "Nana(H)" and so on.

Obtaining Proof Of Love

To obtain a Proof of Love first talk to Nana. Each Nana from each city will ask you for a different item.

Note: You cannot get a "Proof of Love" twice from the same Nana.
Nana Request
Nana(H) 50 Orange Mushroom Caps
Nana(K) 40 Horny Mushroom Caps
Nana(P) 40 Firewood
Nana(E) 20 Soft Feathers
Nana(O) 20 Jr. Sentinel Shellpieces
Nana(L) 20 Teddy's Cotton