Mushroom Shrine Potion Shop

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Mushroom Shrine Potion Shop have lots of shops selling varieties of food. Different NPC sells diffent items. The price here is cheap. If a food that heals 1,000 HP, it costs 1,000 mesos, exactly the same amount as the number of HP heals. For those food that heals MP, the cost is twice the amount of MP heals, for example, Fish Cake(dish) heals 500 MP, so it costs 1,000 mesos.

NPC near Mushroom Statue
Item Meso
Fish Cake (Skewer) 500
Fish Cake (Dish) 1000

NPC below Center Portal
of the Map
Item Meso
Yakisoba 1800
Yakisoba (x2) 5000

NPC at a Squid-theme Shop
Item Meso
Takoyaki (Octopus Ball) 1800
Takoyaki (Jumbo) 5000

NPC at Ramen Shop
Item Meso
Ramen 1000
Kinoko Ramen (Roasted Pork) 1500
Kinoko Ramen (Pig Head) 800
Kinoko Ramen (Salt) 500

NPC at Extreme-Right Shop
Item Meso
Dango 600
Tri-colored Dango 1000