Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book

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  • Available to all
  • Over Level 40


  1. Talk to Mr. Wetbottom in the VIP Sauna in Sleepywood.
  2. Talk to Ronnie at the Silent Swamp.
  3. Ronnie will not return the book until he receives Rina's Unagi Special and Fresh Milk. Talk to the hotel employee to start the sub-quest.
  4. Defeat 50 Drakes and Copper Drakes. The hotel employee will give Rina's Unagi Special once the sub-quest is complete.
  5. Collect the Fresh Milk from Copper Drakes.
  6. Talk to Ronnie again.
  7. Return with the book to Mr. Wetbottom in the VIP Sauna. Quest complete!



  • To complete this quest, the player needs to enter the VIP Sauna twice, which costs 1998 mesos total.