Monster Survival (Nett's Pyramid)

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Monster Survival is a new half party quest now available in between Ariant and Magatia, located in the hidden street Pyramid Dunes in Sahal 3 (Nett's Pyramid). There is another one located in The Abandoned Subway in Kerning for lower level players. It's almost identical, but you don't get equips as rewards. You get "Lost Item Boxes", in train 999 after you finish the half PQ. and they contain pots or etc. items. This half party quest can be soloed, or have 2 or more buddies. You have be to at least level 40 to begin this. It is similar to Monster Carnival except that you get all your well deserved experience points at the end. You will need to talk to Duarte to begin or try entering the Nett's Pyramid.


You must be over level 40 to begin the quest. There are four difficulties you can choose from, which are Easy (lvl. 40-60), Normal (lvl. 60-89), Hard (lvl. 50-60), and Hell (lvl. 61-200). You will receive more experience points and better rewards if you pick the harder difficulty settings.


There are five total waves of monsters. Each will get increasingly difficult, where there will be more monsters, and hit harder as well. During each wave, you are to kill as many monsters as possible during the allotted time. You also need to keep the Act Meter high to make sure you can make it to the next wave. To keep it high, you must consistently killing monsters and also consistently avoid hitting the Yetis that run around. You can also get "Cools" if you consecutively kill monsters. Each wave is approximentively 2.5 minutes long. After the quest is over, you will receive a ranking of lowest to highest, being D to S. The higher the rank, the more experience points you will gain. Getting over 3.5k kills will give you a lot of exp.


Additional Information

Mobbing thousands of monsters in 12 minutes sounds easy and simple, but there is a catch. Up to two Jr. Yetis will roam around the small map as well. You are not to hit them, or else, they will buff the other monsters around them. You cannot kill them either, as you will always hit a "miss." However, you can gain a special "kill" ability after killing a certain number of monsters. This skill kills everything on the map, including the Yetis. Hitting the Yetis will also cause your Act Meter to drop so try to avoid hitting them as often as you can. You can also get the "Pharaoh's Protector Medal" after killing 50,000 monsters in total.



For easy you can get about 66k exp, about 78k exp for normal, about 90k for hard, and around 30k for hell. After you complete the quest, you will be given the chance to enter the bonus stage, where you can kill 30-50 Yetis. Each Yeti drops a Treasure Chest, which will give you "prized possessions" that belonged to the Pharaoh himself. So far, the prizes are- (Note: all scrolls are rare)