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Adventurers (explorers) may recieve a Hog at level 70 and a Silver Mane at level 120.


The Hog attributes 150% Speed and 120% Jump to the rider.


  • Level 70 and above
  • 3rd Job class.

Procedure (Saddle)

  1. Head to Aqua Road. Talk to Kenta in the Zoo to activate the quest. When you are ready, choose the option to enter Kenta's Breeding Room to protect a hog from aliens' attack.
  2. Collect 5 Pheromones randomly dropped by the hog and 5 Kenta's Reports hidden in the treasure chests before the 5-minute timer runs out.
  3. If you run out of time or if the hog dies, you will be sent out of the room. You may try again as this quest is repeatable.
  4. Upon collecting all the required quest items, talk to Kenta again. You will be rewarded with a Saddle and the Monster Rider Skill.

Hint: The Monster Rider Skill falls under the Beginner's Basics section of your Skill Inventory (Default Hot Key "S"). Just like any other active skills in your Skill Inventory, you may set it to a hot key for your convenience of casting.

Procedure (Hog)

  1. Talk to Kenta. She needs a bottle for the special potion created out of the Pheromones.
  2. Visit Chief Tatamo in Leafre and contribute 20 million mesos to Leafre.
  3. Chief Tatamo will reward you with a Dragon's Perfume Bottle.
  4. Journey back to the Zoo at the Aquarium to Kenta who will fill the bottle with the special potion.
  5. You will be given the Pheromone Perfume.
  6. Head to the hidden The Area of Wild Hog that is accessible from the Tiger Ridge of Korean Folk Town.
  7. Wait for a wild hog to spawn and double-click the Pheromone Perfume to catch the hog.
  8. If you used up the Pheromone Perfume without catching the Hog, you will have to pay 20 million mesos to Chief Tatamo again.
  9. Once the Hog is caught, double-click the Tamed Monster icon in your Item inventory and cast your Monster Riding to start riding it.

Silver Mane

The Silver Mane attributes 170% speed and 120% jump to rider.


  • Level 120 and above.
  • Possess a Level 3 Hog.

How to upgrade a Hog to a Silver Mane:

  1. Tell Kenta who will request for 600 Rexton Leathers, 400 Wooden Shoulder Pads, 400 Skull Shoulder Pads and 50 million mesos to upgrade your Hog.
  2. In addition to the required items, you must possess a Level 3 Tamed Hog.

Hint: To level up a Hog, restore the tiredness with a Revitalizer Potion purchased from the Pet Food Sellers.

  1. Talk to Kenta again after acquiring the required items and mesos. Remember to un-equip your Tamed Hog to let Kenta proceed with the upgrade.

Knights of Cygnus

Knights Of Cygnus may recieve a Mimiana at level 50. Mimiana's attributes are 150% Speed and 120% Jump to the rider.[If incorrect, please fix]


  • Level 50 and above
  • Knights of Cygnus only

Procedure (Mimiana)

  1. Go to Kiruku at Ereb at Kiridu Hatchery accessed via Lotus Forest III.
  2. Talk to him.
  3. He will give you an egg to hatch it. To hatch the egg, just go and train. Level up about 1 time and it will crack.
  4. Go back to Kiruku.
  5. He will ask you to get him supplements from Aqua Road.
  6. Go there and buy the supplement for 10 million mesos.
  7. Head back to Kiruku for your mount.