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To start off, what is Monster Carnival?

Monster Carnival is a team battle which Maplers are to hit monsters and obtain points from them. When it ends after 10 minutes, the team with more points will win. If it's a tie, another 5 minutes will be given. As the quote of Spiegelmann goes: "Have you ever wondered, who is stronger? You or your friend?", it means that this is a battle to see who is more powerful at fighting.


  • Level: 30-50
  • Room 1-2: 2-4 people
  • Room 3-4: 2-4 people
  • Room 5-6: 3-6 people

Getting In

Talk to Spiegelmann at one of the following towns: Singapore, Trend Zone Metropolis, Ludibrium, Orbis, Kerning City. When you get in, it will be most likely a empty map unless you're on Channel 1 (duh). Then, you should create a party and invite people.

For example, if you're level 30 and invited a level 50, the level 50 person would most likely leave the party. Try inviting people close to your level.

Now, after you have gotten yourself a party, talk to Spiegelmann and there will be a list of rooms for you to click on, if there isn't any, it means that all rooms are full. On the list, there are Rooms 1 - 6. If any of the rooms are missing, some parties have occupied them.

My suggestion for all of you is to choose the appropriate room. If you're between level 30 and 38, it would be the best for you to choose room 1 or 2. Otherwise, you will keep dying and have a hard time.

Swap MC

The term "Swap" means to take turns and win so it would be fair. Monster Carnival (Swap) is usually recommended for those who are weak in fighting.

Note: the term "tw" (Trade Win) also means the same thing.-and TW is also more common.

Starting the battle

If you are looking for opponents, talk to Spiegelmann and choose a room. When the list shows the level, it is the party average level. After clicking the room you desire, click Accept and wait for the otheer party to decide whether to let you in or not.

If you are waiting for opponents, just click on a empty room (the ones without the average level and names) and click "Yes" to create the room. This is much more simpler because you will just have to wait for people to send invitations to you and just click Accept or Decline.


  • Most people spam invitations so that you have no choice but to accept them.

Battle in progress

Room 1 and 2 This room is quite a easy one due to the low spawn rate so it is almost impossible to get 500 points. The main monsters are Brown Teddy and King Block Golem. Do not think they are lousy, they have more HP than normal. This applies for other monsters too.

Room 3 and 4 This room is a hard time for range attackers due to the lack of space to shoot/throw. This map consists of Toy Trojans and Robos. Again, more HP than usual.

Room 5 and 6 This room is hard at the bottom but easy at the top. Monsters consists of Robos and Rombots. Notably, the Rombots have slightly less HP than usual.


By dying you can lose 10 points and those points can be spent to summon things. Refer to list in page Monster Carnival for summoning list.

Some favourites are the common Avoidability Up, Cancel Weapon Attack and Cancel Magic Attack for protectors, Stun, Curse and Seal for skills. Lastly, Toy Trojan for effective mobbing, Master Chronos for murdering people and Rombot for either killing or occupying space.

List of Job Weakness

This is the important part of the guide, the job weakness. If you know your opponent's weaknesses, you can easily defeat them.

  • Beginners
    • Strong
      • Hitting Teddies
      • Have 2 choices to use Weapon Attack or to use Magic Attack.
    • Weakness
      • Low damage
      • Dying non-stop
      • Affected by all Mobs, Skills and Protectors
  • Warriors
    • Strong
      • Mobbing Toy Trojans in bunches
      • Killing Master Chronos
      • Killing Rombots
      • Speed Up
    • Weakness
      • Darkness (all misses)
      • Avoidability Up (helpless by it)
      • Cancel Weapon Attack
  • Magician (Fire)
    • Strong
      • High damage to all monsters except Robos
      • Ability to poison monsters and teleport away to fight other monsters.
      • Useless to Darkness
    • Weakness
  • Magician (Ice)
    • Strong
      • Ability to mob effectively but quite a low damage
      • Can Freeze enemies (useful on Trojans and monsters with speed up. 'Course, Slow works too.)
    • Weakness
      • Cancel Magic Attack
      • Seal (No skills, no hope)
  • Magician (Cleric)
    • Strong
      • Mobbing Master Chronos and Chronos
      • Saving HP Pots for later use
    • Weakness
      • Low damage
      • Fights little, heals most of the time
      • Curse (dies fast)
  • Thief (Assassins and Night Walkers)
    • Strong
      • Can avoid most attacks with Dark Sight when running out of health
    • Weakness
      • Cancel Weapon Attack
      • Bad at mob killing, especially ones with higher health
      • Very troubled when throwing Stars are all used up

That's all for now (gonna continue when i'm free)