Miracle Cube

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Miracle Cube
Image of the Miracle Cube potential reset.
Cash Shop item
Type Potential Reset
Uses 1 use.
The window you see using a Miracle Cube.


A miraculous cube that resets the potential of a piece of equipment. It can only be used on items with revealed potential.


  • 1,200 NX Cash


Miracle Cubes will turn into fragments once it's used. Using 5 fragments will give you a Potential Scroll and 10 fragments will give you an Advanced Potential Scroll. Cubes can also turn your rare or epic potential into a higher tier upon certain amount of uses; the chance is very random.

It is said that Miracle Cubes is a monster drop within Korean Maplestory. This is completely false, as there has been no documented evidence that cubes drop from any monster.


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