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Hello all. This is a guide created by Kenny Tran and myself (Tony Vu). We have used one of the guides on maple wiki to help us, so I acknowledge their work. This guide is for finding ores over Maple World. Hopefully this will save you from endlessly wandering Maple World to find ores you require.

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Mining is one of the two gathering Professions, along with Herbalism. It allows you to gather gem and mineral ores and refine them into jewels and plates, respectively. Talk with Cole (located in Ardentmill) to learn Mining.

Materials Used

Mining requires a pickaxe, which you receive upon learning the skill. One can also be purchased from Nack for 200 mesos. Note that the weapon Pickaxe is a different item and will not work.

Traits Affected

Basic Ores

You can purchase the basic ores from Nack at Ardentmill.

These are:

Opal Ores: 2000 mesos

Silver Ores: 2000 mesos

Orihalcon Ores: 4000 mesos

Amethyst Ores: 4000 mesos

Steel Ores: 6000 mesos

Sapphire Ores: 6000 mesos

Adamantium Ores: 10000 mesos

Bronze Ores: 10000 mesos


Ore can be mine by miners from vein. Higher grade ore requires higher level of mining to be sucessful when mining. Below shows a table about veins:

Vein Ore Dropped Recommended Level
Silver Vein Silver Ore & Opal Ore 1
Magenta Vein Orihalcon Ore & Amethyst Ore 1
Blue Vein Steel Ore & Sapphire Ore 3
Brown Vein Bronze Ore & Adamantium Ore 4
Emerald Vein Mithril Ore, Emerald Ore & DEX Crystal Ore 5
Gold Vein Gold Ore & Topaz Ore 6
Aquamarine Vein Aquamarine Ore & Diamond Ore 7
Red Vein Garnet Ore & Power Crystal Ore 8
Black Vein Black Crystal Ore & Dark Crystal Ore 9
Purple Vein LUK Crystal Ore, Wisdom Crystal Ore & Lithium Ore 10

All vein also drop Ore Fragment, a by-product of mining. You can exchange a mineral sack from Cole for each 100 Ore Fragment.


Ore can be smelt by using a certain amount of ore and molds. The higher the grade of the plate, jewel or crystal, the more the amount of ore needed and the higher the grade of the mold.

Ore Plate/Jewel/Cystal Number of ore needed Grade of Mold Magic Powder
Faded Silver Ore Faded Silver 1 Basic Mold None
Silver Ore Silver Plate 2 Basic Mold None
Opal Ore Opal 2 Basic Mold None
Orihalcon Ore Orihalcon Plate 2 Basic Mold None
Amethyst Ore Amethyst 2 Basic Mold None
Steel Ore Steel Plate 3 Basic Mold Magic Powder (Blue)
Sapphire Ore Sapphire 3 Basic Mold Magic Powder (Blue)
Bronze Ore Bronze Plate 3 Intermediate Mold Magic Powder (Brown)
Adamantium Ore Adamantium Plate 3 Intermediate Mold Magic Powder (Brown)
DEX Crystal Ore DEX Crystal 4 Intermediate Mold Magic Powder (Green)
Mithril Ore Mithril Plate 4 Intermediate Mold Magic Powder (Green)
Emerald Ore Emerald 4 Intermediate Mold Magic Powder (Green)
Gold Ore Gold Plate 4 Intermediate Mold Magic Powder (Yellow)
Topaz Ore Topaz 4 Intermediate Mold Magic Powder (Yellow)
Aquamarine Ore Aquamarine 5 Advanced Mold Magic Powder (White)
Diamond Ore Diamond 5 Advanced Mold Magic Powder (White)
Power Crystal Ore Power Crystal 5 Advanced Mold Magic Powder (Red)
Garnet Ore Garnet 5 Advanced Mold Magic Powder (Red)
Dark Crystal Ore Dark Crystal 6 Advanced Mold Magic Powder (Black)
Black Crystal Ore Black Crystal 6 Advanced Mold Magic Powder (Black)
Wisdom Crystal Ore Wisdom Crystal 6 Superior Mold Magic Powder (Purple)
LUK Crystal Ore LUK Crystal 6 Superior Mold Magic Powder (Purple)
Lithium Ore Lithium 6 Superior Mold Magic Powder (Purple)

You need to be at Ardentmill, near the smelting equipment (beside Cole) to refine ores. The ores have a 100% success rate for smelting, though you might get magic powders instead. (use for making transformation potion with alchemy)

Mastery and Levelling

Mastery can be gain by:

  • Refining ore - 20 mastery
  • Mining ore - the amount varies according to the grade of the vein. The mastery from mining a certain grade decrease as your profession level increase. (e.g you gained 20 mastery from mining silver vein at level 1 but decrease to 16 mastery at level 2) Refer below:
Silver Vein Magenta Vein Blue Vein Brown Vein Emerald Vein Gold Vein Aquamarine Vein Red Vein Black Vein Purple Vein
Level 1 20 20 22 23 24 26 ? ? ? ?
Level 2 16 16 21 22 23 24 26 ? ? ?
Level 3 13 13 20 21 22 23 24 26 ? ?
Level 4 10 10 16 20 21 22 23 24 26 ?
Level 5 8 8 13 16 20 21 22 23 24 26
Level 6 7 7 10 13 16 20 21 22 23 24
Level 7 6 6 8 10 13 16 20 21 22 23

Mining, like all professions, has 10 levels. Higher levels allow you to mine for higher grade ore. When you reach the required mastery, you can level your profession by visiting your instructor and paying a fee.

Level Required Mastery Fee
1 0 5000 mesos
2 250 15000 mesos
3 600 25000 mesos
4 1050 40000 mesos
5 1600 60000 mesos
6 2250 85000 mesos
7 3000 115000 mesos
8 3850 150000 mesos
9 4800 190000 mesos
10 5850 235000 mesos


The levels of the monsters in the maps determine which veins are spawned. If there are multiple, the highest one is used.

This is the category for the vein spawns:

• Level 1-29: No veins are spawned.

• Level 30-99: Vein's spawned depend on last digit of the monster's level.

• Level 100-200: All maps spawn emerald, gold, aquamarine, purple, black and red veins.

Category 2 help: This is how the rule works. A level 90 monster becomes a category 0. The veins spawned on that map will be silver and magenta. Level 58 monster maps become a category 8 which spawns black and purple.

Use the following table:

Category Vein Colours

0,1 Silver & Magenta

2,3 Blue & Brown

4,5 Emerald & Gold

6,7 Aquamarine & Red

8,9 Black & Purple

If there are several different monsters in the map, the veins for all those monsters are spawned. If the levels of two monsters are different and the colours are not next to each other, all colours in-between are also spawned on the map.

Eg. A map has level 87 monsters and level 90 monsters. The spawned veins would be aquamarine & red (level 87 monsters), black&purple (the ones inbetween 87 and 90) and silver and magenta (level 90 monster)

Good Locations

Orbis Tower 19-20 & Eos Tower 1-5, 34, 95-100

Emerald Vein

Gold Vein

Orbis Tower 10-18 & Eos Tower 32-33 &93

Black Vein

Purple Vein

Helios Tower and Eos Tower 31, 33-35, 94

Aquamarine Vein

Red Vein

Orbis Tower 6-9, Eos Tower 7-10, 91-92

Magenta Vein

Silver Vein

Orbis Tower 1-6, Eos Tower 5, 66-70

Brown Vein

Blue Vein

Garden of Red/Green/Yellow

Purple Vein


Kenny Tran (KennyTran4), Tony Vu (Unblemished) and the original mining article on Maple Wiki

--Unblemished (talk) 04:42, 4 October 2012 (CDT)