Mesoranger Black Suit

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Mesoranger Black Suit
Image of the Mesoranger Black Suit overall.
Event item
Set item
Type Overall
No. of Slots 10
Class Common
Level 75
Gender Male
Weapon Defense +135
Magic Defense +135
STR +7
DEX +7
INT +7
LUK +7
Max HP +50
Max MP +50

NPC Price

  • Untradable once equipped.


  • Rewarded by passing event quest Dr. Kim's Interview if you exceed a test score of 1000.

Set Bonus

  • This is a part of the Mesoranger Black Set. The items in the set are:
Set Effect
2 Set Effect:
Weapon Attack: +10
Magic Attack: +10
All Stats: +8
Max HP: +500
Max MP: +500

Template:Complete Mesoranger Set

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