Mercedes (III)

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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Stunning Strikes.png Stunning Strikes Shoot extremely fast arrows at multiple targets in front of you, with a chance of stunning them. Active 20 x -
Unicorn Spike.png Unicorn Spike Summons a sacred unicorn that attacks multiple enemies ahead of you while weakening them for a fixed period of time. Weakened enemies take additional damage from a fixed number of attacks from your party members. For boss monsters, the amount of additional damage is doubled. Active 20 x -
Leap Tornado.png Leap Tornado Spin in mid-air and fire a hail of arrows all around you. This skill can only be used while in mid-air, and requires 120 or more Jump. Active 20 x -
Aerial Barrage.png Aerial Barrage A combo skill used after lifting enemies into the air with Rising Rush. Fly towards airborne enemies, peppering them with swift attacks. In addition, permanently increases the damage caused by Rising Rush. Active 5 x -
Gust Dive.png Gust Dive Uses the power of wind to dive down onto multiple enemies, dealing damage to all of them. Requires 120 or more Jump. Active 20 x -
Ignis Roar.png Ignis Roar Permanently increases your Avoidability, while borrowing the power of the Fire Spirit to greatly increase your ATT for a fixed period of time. Supportive 20 x -
Water Shield.png Water Shield Borrows the power of the spirits to raise a water barrier around you for a fixed period of time. The barrier absorbs a portion of the damage you receive, and increases resistance against abnormal status and all elemental attacks. Active 10 x -
Elemental Knights.png Elemental Knights Randomly summons an Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, or Shadow Spirit to aid you in battle. Ice Spirit: Has a chance to freeze enemies. Fire Spirit: Deals continuous fire damage to enemies. Shadow Spirit: Deals increased damage. Supportive 10 -