MaxiArawn's AP and SP Lvls. 1-30

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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

MaxiArawn's Aran AP and SP Guide to Lvl. 30

Here are the first job skills...

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Combo Ability.png Combo Ability Everytime the combo count reaches 10, the stats increase. Passive 10 Lv. 10 Double Swing
Double Swing.png Double Swing Press the attack key twice to attack up to 12 surrounding monsters two times. Active 20 -
Combat Step.png Combat Step Press the arrow keys twice to move to a far distance at fast speed. Supportive 15 Lv. 5 Double Swing
Polearm Booster.png Polearm Booster By using HP and MP, the attack speed of the polearm temporarily increases. Can only be used when having a polearm equipped. Supportive 20 Lv. 5 Combat Step

SP Build

I recommend assigning Combat Step to a button instead of doing the double tap thing like Dash. It's easier because that way you won't see yourself baby stepping and then blast stepping.

AP Guide

I think this might be a little hard to explain because i had a 15Dex Bathrobe for Men (M) and that really makes me hit higher so I'll do a better build that's suitable for everyone. At Lvl. 10 you should have i think 66 AP? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Lvl. 10 20 DEX 46 in STR
  • Lvl. 11 5 STR
  • Lvl. 12 5 STR
  • Lvl. 13 5 STR
  • Lvl. 14 5 STR
  • Lvl. 15 5 STR
  • Lvl. 16 5 DEX
  • Lvl. 17 5 STR
  • Lvl. 18 5 STR
  • Lvl. 19 5 STR
  • Lvl. 20 5 DEX
  • Lvl. 21 5 STR
  • Lvl. 22 5 STR
  • Lvl. 23 5 STR
  • Lvl. 24 5 STR
  • Lvl. 25 5 DEX
  • Lvl. 26 5 STR
  • Lvl. 27 5 STR
  • Lvl. 28 5 STR
  • Lvl. 29 5 STR
  • Lvl. 30 5 DEX

This all adds up to 40 DEX 126 STR XD

Good Training Spots

  • Lvl. 10-13 Do the Aran Training Quests (These are much like the Lvl. 10-13 quests for Cygnus Knights So if you have had a Cygnus Knight you will see something familar.)
  • Lvl. 13-15 Do some training in the Cynical Orange Mushroom Place because there are great mobs, perfect for Double Swing. =D
  • Lvl. 15-18 Continue doing the Aran Quests
  • 18-23 At Lvl. 19 or 20, you can go to Sleepywood, go to the Mushroom-growing Cave (in MapleGlobal it's called Cave of Mushrooms) and round up all the monsters to the bottom, and then get the Combo King Medal. This is a good level to do this because you tend to miss a lot and if you do hit, you will hit very low, so the monsters last longer while you mob. If you got 499 on your Combo Counter like me (=() you will be very unfortunate. But you will still get the Combo Master Medal, which still looks cool =D. After you finish this you can continue training there until you get to Lvl. 23, when you can get the move, Polearm Booster. This move boosts the attacking speed of your Polearm. You can now start doing the Lvl. 23 Aran Quests.
  • Lvl. 23-25 Do the Aran Quests.
  • Lvl. 25-28 Train on Evil Eye.
  • Lvl. 28-30 Finish up the 1st Job Aran Quests and go get your 2ND JOB ADVANCEMENT!

We'll See

When I get my Aran to a higher Level I'll be able to finish this guide, but until then, live with it. In the mean time, feel free to visit my user page, User:Oddjob.