Mystic Gate

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Mystic Gate
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Species Non-human
Service Portal
Continent Victoria Island
El Nath Mts.
Areas Forest Trail 2
Polluted Tree
Garden of Darkness II
Cloud Park VI


The Mystic Gate is a special portal found across Maple Story that allows players to access special Master Monsters as well as their drops. Although the portal can be found on virtually every continent, the location determines which Master Monster your party will face.

Mystic Gates are heavily featured during the Silent Crusade, with some boss monsters only found exclusively within their Mystic Gate. Mystic Gate bosses will always drop Crusader Coins, with the amount depending on the boss defeated. Other spawns that may be inside the Mystic Gate will drop their regular drops.

To enter these portals, your group must comply with the following:

  • You have not exceeded your daily limit. Players may only enter the portal 20 times per day.

Location information

Continent Monster Location
Victoria Island Mano Forest Trail 2
Victoria Island Faust Polluted Tree
El Nath Mts. Eliza Garden of Darkness II
El Nath Mts. Pixiemom Cloud Park VI