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The Marvel Machine in the MapleStory website uses "Spins" which can be purchased from the Cash Shop. It is only available during certain events.

How to Play

  • Click the "Spin" button in the Marvel Machine located in the MapleStory website under the "Shop" category. When the reels stop, you’ll win three random in-game or Cash Shop items.
  • An optional Mega Marvel can be purchased for 20,000 NX to get five more items, randomly chosen from the three you spun.
  • Redeem the codes in the in-game Cash Shop to obtain your goodies.

How to Redeem

  • Log into MapleStory.
  • Enter the Cash Shop.
  • Click the "Code" button.
  • Copy and paste the coupon code from the Coupon Vault. Or you can type it in if you’re old-fashioned like that.
  • Double-click the Cash items to transfer them from the Cash Inventory to your game inventory. In-game items are automatically transferred to your game inventory.
  • Enjoy your new item!

Important Notes

  • You must have a MapleStory character to play.
  • To purchase Spins or Mega Marvels with NX Credit, you must have at least one Lv. 30 character. However, NX Prepaid has no such limitation!
  • Coupon codes expire after 2 years and can only be redeemed once.
  • Coupon codes are bound to the account that purchased the Spin and cannot be shared with other accounts.
  • Cash Shop item prizes can't be traded. Non-Cash item prizes may or may not be tradeable, depending on the item itself.
  • The expiration timer of non-permanent Cash items begin the moment the code is redeemed in the Cash Shop.


Renegades Rewards

First Slot Rewards

Second Slot Rewards

Third Slot Rewards

Tempest Rewards

  • Note: More items were added into Marvel Machine on 01/16/13.

First Slot Rewards

Second Slot Rewards

Third Slot Rewards