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Our Goal

After many months of seeing people frustrated by lag, scammers, and long waiting periods just to buy a single item, mapletip has decided to fix this problem by creating their very own marketplace. It is more easier than using a forum to buy or sell and it's easier than counting 1-2-3 or the A-B-Cs. With the marketplace, there is no more need for waiting in the free market just to buy or sell something. Nor do you have to wait 30 seconds for the screen to load. All you have to do is sell or send the request to buy something and keep on training. Never again will you have to use the chat function to buy/sell anything!

The Random 8

One of mapletip's best and finest features is the random 8. This feature can be found on the main page and the marketplace. This feature is self explanatory -- It grabs random 8 items in the market (not closed) and issues it out for your convenience! If you see an item you like, then click it!

Last minute deals

Oh dear, these auctions are JUST about to end! If you can put in a last minute bid, you might just win it! Perhaps you can do it on the last second and win the auction all together. With this method, you can wait until there is 1 minute left and bid to win over any other person!

Note that this function only shows random 8 auctions that has less than 20 minutes remaining.

The Worlds

The Marketplace contains functionality for the following worlds:

Khaini, Windia, Broa, Scania, Bera, Aquila, Cassiopeia, and Bootes.

Mapletip does not support the selling of items in any other maplestory services other than MapleSEA and MapleGlobal.

Sell Item

One of mapletip's key feature is the Sell Item feature. This feature allows you to sell any item you want (as long as it's tradeable) and determine its stats. The guide will now be seperated into 4 parts to determine how to work the sell feature.

Step 1: Choose a category

What are you selling? Simply click on the radio button (circle) and choose what kind of weapon you are going to sell.

Step 2: Choose your item

A listing will show up for your selected category. Find your item and then click "Sell Item".

Step 3: Configuring your item

Now, you will have to input several things for your item. The below table will help you.

Feature Description How to use
Item Name Just shows your selected item's name If your item's name is incorrect, press the back button on your browser and choose the correct item
Buy/Sell Are you buying or are you selling? Choose whether you would like to buy or sell an item.
Title Grab a user's attention with a catchy title Make up a good title that would bring people to your auction.
Stats Input the stats for your item MapleTip automatically finds the item in our databases and will find the highest and lowest ranges for any stat. By default, the average stat is selected.
Quantity How many of an item are you selling? How much of the item are you willing to sell? You can only use this feature if it is a useable or etc item.
Reserve What is reserve? You can set the minimum asking price for your item. If the auction ends and your reserve price hasn't been met, then you and the winner will be notified saying the seller does not have to sell you the item because they did not reach their minimum asking price.
Autowin How much should a person bid to win this item? Just input the item you feel should automatically win this auction. For example, your starting bid could be 500 mesos and your autowin can be 30,000 mesos. The bidder that bids 30,000 mesos will win.
Starting Bid How many mesos should this auction start at? Make up a good starting bid, this will determine at what price your item will begin auctioning at.
Minimum Increment How many mesos per bid?! This helps determine how many mesos per bid can they a bidder do. This helps eliminate the people that bid 1 meso above the previous bidder. For example, your starting price is 500 mesos, your minimum increment is 5000 mesos. So when someone bids, they must bid 5,500. The next person must bid 10,500. And the next will have to bid 15,500.
Time End How long should your auction last? Make up a good time when you will be sure you will sell the item to a user.

Hit proceed and that will submit your item. You will then be redirected to view your item. If you see any errors, simply press the edit button. (This only works if someone didn't bid on your auction yet).

You can also delete your auction by pressing the delete button. This will only work if someone did not bid in your auction already. If you would like to close your auction, you will have to submit a complaint in the Market Complaints Forum.


Buying is the same thing as selling, it's simply revered. You start by pressing the 'Buy item' button on the page and then configure just like you're selling an item. Once it is submitted, a seller may come to your auction and bid a price. The lower the price, the better!


So you want to bid on an item? This feature is SO EASY. To start, you must be logged in. If you are logged in, well let's start.

First, click on any auction you want to bid in. Specify the amount of mesos you want to bid (must be higher or equal to the current price), and select the character in which you will use to buy the item. Viola! You have successfully bidded on the item.

Searching for an item you want

To search for an item you would like to buy, go to the main page of the market and find the Search box. Type in the item you want, (Keywords are fine!) and viola here is your item. You can search with ease by typing only part of the name of the item. For example, typing Blue P will return a Blue Potion or Blue Pill!

Categorized View

Oh boy, the marketplace has so many items! You can simplify it by looking for a drop down box on the left of the Search function on the main page of the marketplace and select the category of the item you are looking for! You can also select what class the item is in, simply click a class and you will see items that can only be used for that class!

My Market

My Market has several sections to help enhance your marketplace experience. This control panel enables to you set several marketplace configurations such as contact method, play time, pick up times for items, and other necessities for the marketplace. There are several parts of My Market, I will describe each and everyone in the table below.

Section Description
Auction History Here, you can view the auctions you've made in the past, but not your current auctions
Current Auctions Here, you can view your current auctions that are still in progress, but not your past auctions
Bid History Here, you can view the bids you've made in the past and the present and see if you're the winner or not.
Advertise Here, you can find signature links and direct links to your marketplace. You can advertise your items by posting the given link in your forum profile.


The rules are as followed. You must abide to them or your account will be permanently banned. If you are banned, you will not be able to use the Mapletip website whatsoever.

Rule Punishment Length of ban
Fake auction You made an auction, but you didn't sell the item. 7 day ban first offense, 14 day ban second offense, permanent ban third offense.
Fake Bid You made an auction, but you didn't buy the item. 7 day ban first offense, 14 day ban second offense, permanent ban third offense.
Multiple Fake Bids You made a fake bid in more than 3 auctions 14 day ban first offense, permanent ban second offense.
Multiple Fake Auctions You made more than 3 auctions but you never sold the items 14 day ban first offense, permanent ban second offense.
9999999 prices You set the item price/bid price to a variant of 9999. 14 day ban first offense, permanent ban second offense.
Begging for fame You have begged for fame 50% warning. -5 fame.
False fame You have made an auction/bid for the sole purpose of fame Permanent ban

Any offenders should be reported in the Market Complaints Forum.


This concludes the guide for Mapletip's Marketplace. Feel free to buy/sell any item you wish! Mapletip will surely be happy if you successfully buy and/or sell an item!

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