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Mardia is the seventh server added to Maple Global. It was added on March 21, 2007. New characters could go to Henesys and receive a Genesis Bandana if they were at least level 20. This event, hosted by the NPC Cody, lasted until April 1, 2007. It is now rare to see a user with such item, and wearing one is generally seen as a high status of honor.

When the server was first released, as with other servers, it faced an explosion of activity. This activity peaked during the Anniversary events in May 2007, and the population dropped drastically afterward. Since mid-2008 the server has had a steady flow of traffic, and is generally ranked just outside the top five servers.

Top 5 Players in Mardia

Each world has a top five ranking. The top five players for Mardia are:

Rank Name Class Level EXP
1 KatieMyLove Magician 200 0
2 JustChrissy Magician 200 0
3 EbonyDiane Magician 200 0
4 AmbiexApple (Formally : AmberDolin) Magician 200 0
5 Aesilyn Magician 200 0

World Alliance

On June 11th, 2012, the Mardia Server joined a Server Alliance with: Chaos, Yellonde and Kradia. These servers will share the same playing world (Players from all 4 worlds will play with each other) but players are allowed to make characters on all 4 servers, which means people will have quadruple the amount of players for that world. All the characters are still separated by worlds, so the rankings won't change. The number of channels has been increased to 20.

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