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The Beginning

During The dark times when the world was bathed in chaos, A maple seed floated endlessly in the abyss. At last the Maple Seed found rest and took roots and grew, purifying the the abyss with it. Its leaves sucked in the the dark, making light, the roots grew and stabilized the chaos and the trunk made a core in which all life could attach to. Finally the bark made the earth by breaking itself around the tree.

Making life

Seeds dropped down from the havens scattering the life of plants and small creatures on the earth. Five seeds though were not like the others, Four of the five drooped on 4 different corners of the earth but the fifth was special, it traveled on a still forming piece of land, the seed was so heavy that the land broke and floated off away to the tree. The reason the seed was so heavy is so that a portal may sometime be formed by the citizens of the isle. To bring people from chaos into the world when it was in desperate need of heroes.

The Monsters

As time went on, things were peaceful. But alas, chaos broke out. It erupted though the lands, shaking the tree and spewing forth evil. The brave warriors fought back evil that was charging from the center of the land, Thieves sprang from the shadows slitting throats and filling monsters with stars and disappearing again as if nothing had happened. In Henesys, Archers rained arrows from the inn they came from. Magicians learned and practiced the extremely powerful magic.

Only four remained from the ancient war. An expert archer with eyes like a hawk, A thief who could steal your clothes while you're blinking in a public area, A warrior who could deal a fatal blow with only a scratch and lastly a master of all magics. Even with these people training the current population it still was not enough. Monsters were emerging from the very earth, Aliens flying in from the sky, and the strongest evils were growing from the depths of the tree. At last the Portal awakens!

Beings of Chaos

The people of the island were terrified when the portal came up and started gushing out full grown people ready to learn at an extraordinary rate. The people trained those willing to learn and teach them the basics, before sending them off to have further instructions on the main continent to train and ready for battle. Some say even out of chaos these people can control those monsters in order to destroy them, but after they use this ability, they disintegrate back into chaos from the strain of doing this, never to be seen again.

A New continent Arises

A cold wind blew from the sky itself, shuttering the leaves and making the tree sway. At last a leaf fell far from the main continents, making another. This continent was made from the chaos' ill wishes for the saftey of the new world. It made a wind to break the tree and send the world back to it. Alas it only added to the world, the new continent was curse with a field of snow, and ice and a reminder of the cold wind. But as the people there grew, towers and citys arose! The fairies were the first to look at the new continent, they built a flying city, while humans came and built a base to protect themselves and expand on the new place. And as a peace treaty between fairy and human, they created the blockians, a meld of magic and machenery to prove that they were loyal to each other.

Just the Beginning

This has been going on for ages, and will go on forever. Chaos will always be there and good to drive it back. This is only the beginning of a story about the the world of the Maple Tree.